Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Professional" Belly Shots

In lieu of paying a bazillion dollars for professional photographs of my belly...we did just buy a car you know...I decided to set up the tripod and give it a go myself.

I actually don't think they turned out that bad. I mean, clearly there is a blatant over use of Photoshopping here...but considering the cost...I'm pretty satisfied.

Belly pics at 34 weeks - 5/21/2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

A little magic for a gray Monday

As you may or may not know, I worked for Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL for four years right after I graduated from college, in the entertainment department.

A friend of mine, David, was a performer at the Beauty and the Beast show and had met a beautiful girl named Heidi, who was a dancer at the show, and had been dating her for quite some time when he decided to propose.

David worked for weeks to pull off an amazing proposal to Heidi. He was not a trained dancer, but he was able to arrange with the stage manager of the show to learn the Equity level choreography for the grand finale and surprise Heidi as she was dancing on stage. In the finale number, her dance partner danced off the stage and was replaced by David much to Heidi's complete surprise.

It has been ten years since they were married, and for their anniversary, David has posted, for the first time for all to see, the video taken that day. I was there in the audience, having sprinted across the park to see it in time, and I can assure you, it was the most magical proposal I have ever seen or heard of since.

Hope you enjoy the video on this gray Monday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Belly pic

Since so many people have asked...and since my sister won't get to see me this weekend and witness the belly in person... belly at 32 weeks, and 2 days as of this past Sunday...along with my not-yet-done-hair, glasses and sassy glow-in-the-dark PJs :)


PS - in other news, today marks the five year anniversary of my first date with the hubs...we had decided to forgoe the dating anniversary once we had the wedding anniversary, but I thought 5 years was notable enough to bring up. I still remember that day like it was yesterday and fondly remember the magic it was to brush hands together across the table from eachother and the sparks I felt when he put his hand on my side on our walk to the subway and pulled me closer to him to kiss me.

Thank you, D, for five years of butterflies :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Collective rudeness

Every Monday and Tuesday morning, I walk to the closest commuter rail station in my town and wait for the train that will take me into the city.

Every Monday and Tuesday morning, the train is packed...the reality is that it just looks packed. One side of the train is three passenger seats while the other side is two passenger seats. The two passenger side is usually filled and the three passenger side is actually two passengers sitting on the ends with their stuff in the empty space between them.

The view as you get on the train is pretty funny and I only wish I had the nerve to take a picture someday. Basically it is the view of the top of every one of those seated passengers' heads as they keep their heads down and hope that someone else will offer up their seat. Most times, the people getting on the train at my stop just stand rather than ask anyone to move over. It should also be noted that should you ask someone to let you sit down in the empty space, they will sigh, usually glare at you, and then get all the way out of their seat so you can climb in, rather than just sliding over the 14 inches into the next space.

It has been this way for as long as I have traveled on the commuter rail. The thing is, if you were to meet each of those people on the train individually, you might come to the conclusion that most, if not all, of them are relatively polite people...not at all the collectively rude crowd that they come off as a group. And I will admit; I have been one of them. I travel to work with my headphones on and am usually checking my iPhone or reading a paper and though I am aware of the stops the train makes, I rarely look up to see who is looking for a seat. So I am guilty as well.

So, with all of that in mind, it really shouldn’t annoy me so much that when I got onto the train this morning with my very, obviously large pregnant belly, not one person who looked up at me even made an attempt to offer me a place to sit down. I am trying very hard not to feel entitled to a seat…but I just can’t help myself. It makes me LIVID that I had to stand up in front of everyone and basically announce that I was very apologetic, but that I needed a place to sit, so could someone please move for me. Even with the announcement, I was met by blank stares (while they all hoped that someone else would step forward) until finally, after a multi-second pause, a woman gave up her seat for me. An older woman…surrounded by young and older professional men and women who continued to ignore me.

It isn’t just pregnant women who get the shaft…I’ve been on the train with a 3 year old and gotten the same averted-eyes syndrome until finally a spot was found for him to sit…right next to a person who reacted as though the 3 year old must have been covered in scabs under his clothes based on the passenger’s attempts to get as far away from the 3 year old as possible.

Now, I know that in lieu of making an announcement of my seating needs, I could have easily asked one specific person to let me sit, but that puts me in an incredibly awkward situation as I peruse the crowd for the person who is looking down at their shoelaces the least in hopes that they will be the least offended by my request. In the future I will most likely go that route because as I have already stated, it seems that people are much more polite one on one than as a mass crowd**.

Of course, the other alternative would be to take the bus to the subway where interestingly enough, to date, I have been offered a seat every time. Which BEGS the question; what makes the people on the commuter rail so much less inclined to offer up their seats than the people on the bus or the subway? Is it THEIR sense of entitlement? They paid more so they expect more?

Who knows…all I know is that no matter how wrong it may be for me to feel like people should at least acknowledge my current condition, that’s how I feel. It bugs me that I feel that way, but I do. So I guess the next thing to do is embrace it and know that I’m just as wrong as those people on the train and maybe that knowledge can help me to forgive them for their rudeness.


** Ironically, this theory was just argued in our lunchtime discussion today on the paper: ‘Quantum Probability Explanation for Violations of ‘Rational’ Decision Theory’ (yeah…I work with math nerds)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Motherlover...or reason #786 why I love JT

My baby shower was this weekend and it was so amazingly wonderful. I have lots to write about it, but in the meantime, I NEED to know that you have seen the following clip from this weekend's SNL.

I seriously don't think I have laughed that hard in a very, VERY long time. And how much more do I love Susan Sarandon now???


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I'm trying not to complain too much, really...I am

So all you ladies out there...did you parents ever make you wear tights when you were a little kid?

And if they did...did they ever make you get into a pair that you were growing out of and so you ended up with the crotch of your tights around your knees and whenever you would walk, the waistband would start pulling off your panties so you ended up incredibly uncomfortable and in a tug of war to keep the tights from completely shredding you of any dignity at all? Think...this guy, here:

Well, THAT is what it is like wearing maternity pants as a tall person. I have YET to find a pair of maternity pants that will stay up and I erroneously thought that once my belly got bigger the pants would want to stay up because there would be more body to stick to. Instead, I spend my days furtively trying to keep my pants up...the the extent that I will pull them is so high that I look like I am waiting for the flood to start at any minute like these people:

But no matter what I do, in mere moments the pants have started creeping down my legs, taking my underwear and any dignity I have with them.

I've. had. it.

Oh yes, I have three lovely maternity dresses that are quite comfortable...but I live in Massachusetts...where it is currently only 48 degrees and very. windy. So on I in this craptastic land of pants that will never fit and I am basically ready to tear my hair out.

Ok...rant over.


Monday, May 04, 2009

Weee hoooooo!!!!

So to updated you on this post about getting gDiapers from Craigslist, the people from the ad contacted me and last Friday I traveled up to Swampscott, MA to pick them up!

They are so cute! And in great condition. They had a plethora of small gPants and liners and only 4 mediums...however there are two packages of medium/large refills, so I am good to go on those since we are hopefully not having a medium/large least not as gPant sizing goes.

A friend of mine is sending some extra small inserts that she had left over and someone else on a mom list-serv I am on is giving me her additional small inserts, so I really feel comfortable about our diaper situation for the first couple of weeks we have this child...

...although we did attend our Newborn Essentials class yesterday where we learned that the first day you change one diaper, the second day you change two diapers, the third day you change 3-4 diapers, and after that you change about 8-10 diapers a day!!! 8 - 10!!! That's CRAZY!! Still, we should have enough gPants at this point to hold us over.

I'll be sure to post some pics once I get home.

Now, if only selling our car was as easy as finding gDiapers on Craigslist!!