Wednesday, June 03, 2009


My husband's parents came to visit this weekend and helped us with some of the remaining nursery projects; so I am pleased to be able to check the nursery off our lengthy to-do list.

First they installed a screen door at the entrance to the room. We got this great idea from my sister who had one installed in her house for her nursery. Basically, the reason we did this is because we have a cat. And our cat LOVES to snuggle and I really just didn't want her in the nursery at all...which as any of you cat people may know, can be a next-to-impossible task. Unless you have a lovely screen door; with which you can still see in the room, the munchin can see out, the air flow remains the same, but the kitty is unable to enter.

For fun, we purchased these fun knobs to use as the door handles from Anthropologie:

Below is the view of the nursery from the hallway. The book case on the left was actually in my husband's father's room when he was growing up. We painted the inside to match the walls and then screwed it into the wall so no one can hurt themselves by climbing on it.

The bookshelf on the wall on the right was a gift from my husband's parents...his mom is an avid book and library supporter and saved every children's book that the hubs ever received as a kid...add to that the children's books that she gives us all for Christmas every year and you will understand me when I say that the bookshelf is currently only holding about 1/16 of the amount of books we have. So our kid will hopefully like books too and if nothing else, he may find himself at least interested in the constant switchout from old books to new books.

Above the crib, I hung three framed pictures. They are actually travel posters that I saved from these super-fun calendars that I have collected for the past four years. I knew I wanted to use them eventually, I just never knew what for. Then I realized how cool they would be in the nursery and I picked my three favorite and went from there.

The frames are attached to the wall with an ingenious device called 3M Command adhesive picture hangers. You probably have heard of the hooks they have where you can put them on the wall, and when you want to remove them, you pull the tab down and it releases them without marking up the wall. These work very similarly; there are two sticky sides, one for the frame and one for the wall. Once you line them up, they snap into place. One set of tabs is for 3lbs and we have four on each frame, so I feel very confident that they will stay in place...especially since I myself tried to pry them off and found it very difficult. Which is a good thing; again, we don't want any little fingers prying the picture frames off the wall and onto any cute little bumpkin heads.

You can see in the picture below that we have installed a cover for the radiator that was custom made. We were going to try and make one ourselves, but then found out that the custom ones have special insides to allow the heat to go through without warping the wood or blocking the heat. Figured we would leave that to the professionals! It too is bolted to the wall to cut down on anyone hurting themselves.

This picture is a little misrepresentative. Just above the stripe on the wall are white wooden letters spelling out the name we have chosen for the Kernel. But it is a secret for now, so I can't show you the whole wall.

The sailboats hanging in the window are also not in their final resting place. I wanted to hang them over the crib in lieu of a mobile, but it seems like they compete too much with the bookrack and the frames. So the next thought was to hange them in the corner near the bookshelf and dresser. I am also considering breaking them up and maybe hanging two over the crib and the rest over the changing table. What do you think?

On the opposite side of the room is a beautiful rocking chair that we received as a wedding gift from the hubs' brother and his wife. I love the rocking chair, it is stunningly gorgeous, but it isn't the most comfortable for me (I'm kind-of a tall gal) so we may have to switch it out with one of our swivel chairs from downstairs for a while.

So there you go...not too baby-ish, not too boy-centric...but still a nursery. What do you think?

PS - I KNOW you aren't supposed to have a pillow in the crib, so don't even mention's just there for now.


  1. I love your nursery! It's probably the nicest nursery I've ever seen. Maybe I like it because it's got style will not being overly cutesy.

  2. I really like it! I love that it isn't so blatantly one sex or another and that it isn't super cutesy. The screen door idea is genius. I'm going to share that with a pregnant friend who has 2 dogs.

  3. Love it! Stylish AND functional....

  4. screen door: Brilliant. I always wondered what I'd do when it came around to making babies. My two cats get everywhere and this is a perfect idea.

    also, um, your nursery is my favorite every. books, travel posters?! can that be my room?

  5. This is just spectacular!

  6. Wow...thanks for the great feedback, guys. It means that much more coming from you lovely ladies :)

    Now, any ideas on those sailboats?

  7. Squee! I love it. I also have to agree with Sweet T... Minus the crib and changing table, I want this to be my room!

    I'd say break up the sailboats, it could give a neat flow around the room.

  8. I'd be inclined to put the sailboats over the changing table. I'll give Kernel something to look at while getting changed :)

  9. i love the nursey. makes me want to finish figuring out what to do for mine. On a side note, the 3 m sticker frame hanger things...i had one for a hook for our swiffer broom and on a reaaly cold nite, it fell be careful. not sure if i didn't clean the surface properly though.

  10. Such a great nursery. First borns always get the coolest stuff!! I love the screen door idea! That is awesome!! And the posters above the bed are too fun. And the pillow can stay and fill the bed up until you can put something more precious in it!

  11. It's spectacular!! You are so inspirational.

  12. That screen door idea is brilliant! I love your rug!