Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Now that's a room of a different color...

I am not sure where I got it in my head that once we made it to three months, things would be easier...but they aren't. In fact, they are more difficult than ever.

Little G isn't napping well and he has by far the loudest, most piercing, scream on the planet...seriously...I have had other people comment on it, so I know it isn't just me.

Annnnnnnyway....compounding the stress around here is that the hubs and I have been painting our room...remember this?

Well now...after four weekends of hard work sanding all the trim, dusting off the radiator, painting primer on all the trim and the walls, painting three coats of trim color on the radiator, three coats on the trim and two coats on the walls....I am proud to say we are done* painting!!!

Which is the biggest and hardest part of the project.

Initially, way back when I thought I was going to have lots of time to blog I had gone to the Benjamin Moore website and uploaded a picture of our room and used their handy-dandy room preview feature to see what the color would look like.

But I never got around to posting it until now...so here is the preview from BenjaminMoore.com...

...and here is the big reveal!

The room is SOOOOOOOO much brighter and feels much bigger too. I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am that this part of the project is over.

Now we get to decorate. Weeeeeee

*So the painting actually isn't done-done...we still have to paint the doors and one windowsill that we have been repairing...but we can at least move back in since we have been living in the guest bedroom since sometime last September


  1. I love the new color! It really makes the room look bigger and brighter!

  2. Very nice! Love how it makes the black furniture pop.

  3. Oh it looks so warm now. I love it. Hats off to you for taking care of an infant AND doing things around your home (unlike me, the slacker).