Thursday, April 08, 2010

9 Months - 40 weeks

Our beautiful little boy is 9 months old today. I know I keep saying it, but I just can't get over how fast the time flies and how quickly he changes! I can definitely break up his babyhood into two distinct segments thus far. From birth to 5 months, he was a very needy, very blob-esque baby who really couldn't do anything. 6 months to the present he all of the sudden started sitting up and became a true human being in my eyes.

This month is supposedly significant because he has now been out of the womb as long as he was in it. But to be completely honest, I am rather unaffected by that sentiment...crazy considering I am a self-professed sentamentalist.

Little G's latest accomplishments include 'rooting' his hands to his side when he is sitting up and pushing himself around so that he can pivot himself to face any direction he wants. Eventually this rooting will lead him into a crawling position, but I really don't want to rush that since I am quite enjoying being able to put him down and have him still be in the same place when I go to pick him up a few minutes later.

He definitely chews his food now instead of just trying to swallow whatever he has gnawed off the bone all at once.

And he has discovered and is trying to master the art of throwing. He'll throw anything from a small plastic ball, to a burp cloth, to the wood rings from his stacking toy.

In swim class he has really progressed. He will jump/fall off the side of the pool into the water, he splashes his hands while he kicks, he actually kicks when on his back and sometimes we can get him to blow a raspberry in the water! So cute.

We're looking forward to finding out how much he weighs these days...our best guess is somewhere around 23-24 lbs.

Happy 9 month birthday, little man!! We love you more than words can say.

Mom and dad


  1. I love babies in button-down shirts!! That picture is priceless. :)

  2. Aw, 9 months already. Crazy! He's looking super handsome these days. And he looks so cozy in the back carry. I still haven't been able to master the back carry with my Ergo.

  3. he's so cute! love that button down picture and his hair.

  4. I am super duper impressed you signed him up for swimming lessons at such an early age! I had NO idea that they provided them that early! So cool.

    I always promised myself, when I have kids to enroll them in swim lessons for pool safety reasons and just for an overall physical activity to partake in. My mom cannot swim very well, neither can my husband- which amazes me. My parents enrolled me when I was about... 6??? and I was TERRIFIED of getting submerged to get my head wet- it wasn't until I turned 9 that I really got into the sport of swimming, and became an avid swimmer all through high school.

    (Long winded way of saying) when my baby crawls out- I am definitely going to be on the look out for toddler swim lessons!

  5. wow! your son looks just like you! how wonderful.

  6. 9 month olds can do all of that in the pool? That's kind of amazing!

  7. Happy 9-month b-day, little G! You're so adorable in your little man outfit! Eva also just turned 9 months this week. You're right that they seem to become a little person all of a sudden :)