Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Belly belly belly belly belly!

Clearly the heat has gone to my head because this morning I decided it would be *fun* to take some pictures to compare my belly now with what it looked like last year on July 6, the day before I went into the hospital to give birth to our ginormous 10 lb, 5 oz baby. I figured it would be good for my self esteem - re: no matter how pudgy my belly this year, it is nowhere NEAR as big as last year - but now I'm considering it masochistic.

Anyway...before I change my mind...

Here is my belly one year ago today as compared with just earlier this morning (note: I tried to make the scale of the photos similar for this highly scientific evaluation, but without the same cameraman available to take the pictures you'll just have accept them for what they are...I did, however, manage to use the same shorts - the shirt, of course, is different):

Huh...come to think of it...considering how big and stretched it was last year, I'm gonna go right ahead and be proud that it isn't laying on the floor beside me like the jowls of a basset hound.


  1. oooo looks good. It's actually reassuring.

  2. You look wonderful! I've been meaning to take pics of my belly, especially now the horrid stretch marks are fading. I still that that line a bit, though. And dog jowl belly.

    Great job, Miriam!!

  3. You do all realize I didn't actually lose weight...I just lost the baby...right?


    I very honestly can tell you that I had no intent what-so-ever of gleaning positive comments from this post...but I will TOTALLY take them. Many, many thanks to all-y'all.

  4. I am pregnant right now and often wonder what I too will look like post baby... and this post was totally what I needed!

    You look great! I believe in your past posts you eat healthy and strive to live a healthy lifestyle- and I do too. So if you can do it- I can do it too.

    I don't know what I imagined for myself- but this was def reassuring! Thanks for being an inspiration! Kudos to you! =o)

  5. My twins are almost 18 months. BOTH weighed in a little over 8lbs. I could not muster the courage to post my post belly.

    You, my dear look just fine :)

  6. Way to go Mirs! You look awesome!

  7. It's true, you look great! And no false compliments here -- your belly is a zillion times flatter than mine, and I've had an extra 4 months.

    And happy b'day to Little G! Will we see cake photos??!?

  8. Nice! Love your courage to post pics...the M I knew in college would've been loathe to expose herself publicly. I'm so proud of how much you've...ahem...grown! :)