Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Come One, Come All!!

This past Sunday, on 10-10-10, my good friend got married at the Franklin Park Zoo here in Boston. She's known for throwing a pretty awesome theme party just for an everyday we knew to expect some awesomeness for her circus/carnival themed wedding!

The location of the wedding within the park was next to a playground with a super-duper, crazy-go-nuts fast slide that Little G LOVED!!

The ceremony was held on a lawn just outside a tent with picnic tables. The guests were seated at the picnic tables in the tent and there were chairs in rows for family members closer to the ceremony area. All of the picnic tables were covered in white paper and there were cans of crayons and sheets of coloring book excerpts from Circus books all over the place. There were also really fun, colorful candy centerpieces on the picnic tables as well.

Sarah had made super huge bunting to decorate the inside of the tent and keep things festive:

Each table had a carnival game on it and if you won you got a number and could go up to the prize table and collect your prize:

They also had candy apples for everyone:

Here's Little G and my husband coloring and NOT eating the crayons!

The bride was sequestered on the opposite side of where she needed to be to walk down the her bridesmaids camouflaged her with their pashminas while they walked her to the correct place:

The bridesmaids all wore black dresses and had underskirts in different colors. They carried paper flowers that matched their underskirts:

They set up a fun backdrop to anchor the ceremony:

After the ceremony, instead of cutting cake, the bride and groom bit into whoopie pies!!

Sadly, this is the only shot I have of her AWESOME shoes!!

After the ceremony, the backdrop was used for a faux-to booth with clown costumes, paper mustaches, old fashioned cameras and a strong man ensemble:

The wedding guests were given tickets to ride the zoo's carosel:

This wedding was so much fun and it was really great to see two good friends who are so loving to each other, their families and their friends have such a joyous event!!

Did you go to a wedding on 10-10-10?


  1. she wore a Dolly dress!! I wore one as well. I loved the centerpieces and all her fun details. What a great wedding!

  2. OMG, MZ, that sounds like a blast and Sarah looked GORG!!! Color me impressed with all those fun details

  3. Guess I really haven't been to your blog for a while, he's so big now! His pix on the slides are so adorable :) Eva is more into climbing up the slide than sliding down... Swings are still her fav :)

  4. OH man! He is so adorable!! The wedding is pretty awesome, but there is NO END to my love for your son's fantastic hair. Its the best baby hair, EVER.

  5. Wow - that is a seriously awesome wedding! The last photo of G with the fake mustache is so so cute!