Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cutting hair doesn't hurt...

...unless you're the mama.

Yesterday I took Little G into our town square to get a hair cut at the barber shop. It isn't his first...he's been there now four times in his 18 months so he knows what to expect.

There were two others in line ahead of us so we had to hindsight, had I realized it was going to be an hour wait, I might have come back later. But it didn't matter because Little G did such a good job waiting! Granted, it was because of total access to mommy's iPhone, but still...that's a pretty long time to wait.

He also read the paper while we were waiting:

In the picture above you can see the tuft of hair he has from twirling the same place on his head whenever he sucks his thumb...which is pretty much all the time.

And in the picture below you can see the bald spot he has because of all the hair twirling.

I felt bad cutting his hair off since it is clearly such a comfort for him to twirl away at it...but it was growing past his ears AND we had to cut some off earlier in the week because he had twirled a dread-lock into it. True story.

I saved the Elmo's world video for when he was actually sitting with me in the chair and he watched it completely entranced while the barber trimmed away.

And then because he did SUCH a good job, and because I'm a total sucker, I took him to a nearby bakery for a cookie. He sat in a regular chair, not a high chair, and when we were done he walked to the car with me.

When we got home, he opened up the fridge all by himself and got out his milk.*

Such a grown-up!

Here he is this morning looking like a teenager (albeit one from the '50's) with his spiffy new do.

That's ok...we'll go to the Children's Museum this morning and play with the bubbles...that oughta' bring him back to kid-mode for me.


*this was neither encouraged nor appreciated as the last thing I need is a kid who can get into the fridge on his own


  1. He's darling. And I had the same hair twirling thing going on at his age.

  2. Mary Beth - do you still have a bald spot?

  3. Omigosh, he is way too cute!!!

  4. OMG I love his new cut! He looks so kewl!

    By the way, about the hair twirling, my friend's friend had to shave their daughter's head and gave her a hairy lion to twirl until she "grew out of it" because she was getting a bald spot. :) My nephew twirled my SIL's hair for over a year to sleep and post baby she not only lost her hair but had broken ends from the twirling so she had a mullet on one side to the back of her head. lol!

    Basil and Guinness send kisses to G!

  5. Awww he looks so cute! Love the new cut!