Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two things I know for sure

There are two comments people make immediately upon seeing me and the Ladybug when they meet her that I thought I would share with you all.

1) Oh my God!  Look at all that hair!!

(no further explanation needed) ;)

2) How does Little G like being a brother?

Little G is an awesome big brother.  He clearly loves the Ladybug so much.  He talks about her and what she is doing and he is so incredibly gentle with her.  We've been so surprised by how easily he transitioned.  He loves to bring her his toys and even shares one of his beloved train cars with her (interestingly enough, it is the milk car...) and he's always quick to replace her pacifier or make sure she is covered with a blanket.

Lately, however, Little G has been showing some classic signs of jealousy and that's probably because the Ladybug is requiring more maintenance.  She was a sleepy baby for a loooooong time, so she used to pretty much hang out with us all together in the living room, but if she wasn't eating, she was sleeping near us.  Now, she's much more active and is requiring much more attention.

A couple of weeks ago, we were on Facetime with their grandparents and they wanted to see the Ladybug and wanted her to be able to see them, so since she was on the floor, we lowered the iPhone down to her level.  Little G was pretty quiet and then started to pick up toys and throw them at Ladybug on the floor!  I took him away to another room and talked to him about how he was feeling. I asked him if he felt angry that Grammy and Grampy were talking to the Ladybug and not to him and he said yes.  I explained that feeling was called being jealous and it was a perfectly natural way to feel.  I suggested that if he felt jealous again he could say, "I'm jealous" or, "I'm angry" and we could know how he was feeling without him throwing something at his sister.  I also made sure he knew that throwing toys, regardless of who is in the way of him, was not a good choice and would result in the toy being taken away.

He seemed to get it, but let's be real...he's two and a we have definitely seen more of the jealously issues as time has progressed.  But all in all, I am still very glad to see how much Little G clearly loves his sister and considers her to be an important part of our family.

What would your two comments be were we to meet?

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  1. And I was immediately taken in by her beautiful face. Such a sweetheart!