Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Sunday was a big day around here.  Little G turned three years old.  It's pretty funny to me now how time flies so fast - slipping through our fingers faster than we can try to hold onto it.

Day one in the hospital - and the eve of your birthday at a celebration for a friend's birthday

It seems like it would be relevant for me to write a post all about turning three and how much we love Little G and how awesome he is and how much he has grown.  I might even throw in a funny story from the year or an anecdote or musing on his latest accomplishments.  But as is evidenced by the photo above, time does slip away from us faster than I care to admit. And I don't want to miss out on any of it.

I once likened having a baby to standing on top of a mountain looking down...the ride promising to be intense and fast and furious and fun.  I feel like we've made it down the first cliffs without too much damage.  There's still an entire range to traverse.  But we survived thus far and the ride has been everything it was promised to be.

Happy birthday, Little G.  You are amazing!!

All the love in the universe,

Mom and Dad

Birthday morning special treat - Sesame Street

Birthday breakfast waffle!!

Birthday present pile (and mommy's brace)

Alphabet train puzzle from Gram

Verrrrrry looooooong alphabet train puzzle

Cars book from Grammy

FaceTiming with Grammy and Grampy

Marking new heights!

Celebrating our neighbor, Sam's, 1st birthday (your party is next weekend)

Lounging at the pool

Birthday corn!!

Birthday cupcake.

Born - 07/08/09
1st Birthday - 07/08/10
2nd birthday - 07/08/11
3rd birthday - 07/08/12

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