Thursday, September 06, 2012

I pronounce you: mother-of-the-year...

...and YOU mother-of-the-year and YOU mother-of-the year and you and you and YOU!!

To all you new-to-pre-school mamas who are in the throes of 1st-day-at-school activites...I just want to take a moment to send a quick note of encouragement that as long as you all made it out the door today, you did an awesome job!  And even if you didn't you STILL did an awesome job!

Today is our second day of taking Little G to school and then dropping off the Ladybug with our nanny at the neighbors' house.  Two days ago, we visited Little G's school for open house and got our name tags (they wear them for the first week) and the tag for our car (to identify us at pick-up) and our school bag (everyone has the same one) and we dropped off Little G's indoor shoes and blanket and sheet and pillow all with the appropriate name tags neatly applied to tags.

So yesterday morning when I pulled up to drop off Little G and the director of the whole school (whom I shall nickname: School Director Barney) got Little G out of the car, I was able to say that all of his things were already inside with their name tags on and I won't like, I felt a little bit smug about the whole thing.  So of course, as what always happens when I'm feeling smug, I end up falling flat on my face.  Case in point: yesterday was a half day and I thought it ended at noon but it ended at 11:30 so there I was, on Little G's first day of the school where he will be for the next 10 years, picking him up late by a half an hour!! So much for smug.

Then, this morning, I once again got us all packed up and out of the house (I have to pack all of the Ladybug's stuff too since we go straight to the nanny share) and got to the car and I realized that somehow, the name tags that I thought I had been so smart to keep in the car, had gone missing! (In my defense, I tossed them during a quickie clean-up-the-car tirade once I realized that every crumb and schrapnel of granola bar wrapper was now visible to anyone who got Little G in and out of the car)   So I ran inside and made a new one (not a huge deal [for me since I had the supplies on hand], just a white stick-on name tag).  Then I got all the way to school and realized that we hadn't grabbed Little G's bag on the way out the door!  Blerg.

All of this to say that once again, School Director Barney was the one to get Little G out of the car and I said, "well, mother-of-the-year over here seems to have forgotten his bag today" and he didn't miss a beat.  He smiled totally genuinely at me and said, "even mother's-of-the-year forget bags".

Which is totally true.

So, to all you mamas out there who got out the door today, no matter what you did or didn't forget, as long as everyone got to school safely - I now pronounce* you: "mother-of-the-year", today and EVERY day!!

*ok...I'm not actually sure I have the authority to make proclamations...but I can totally send out encouragement and maybe even deem things


Update: I've since sent Little G in with reusable ice cubes in an old baby bottle cooler to keep his yogurt cool in his lunch bag...only to realize too late they they're shaped like margarita glasses.

Yeah...I'm gaining quite the reputation there.

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