Thursday, February 12, 2009


Originally I had wanted to paint a mural on the wall of the nursery in the corner of the room...perhaps a tree or a pattern of leaves and flowers...but in the end I deemed that way too ambitious of a project to go after when I wasn't even sure if I would like the outcome.

I was a little bored by everything being one color on the walls though, so instead of a mural I painted a 12" stripe around the room two shades lighter than the wall color.

The hardest part was getting the tape on the wall in a straight line. At first I tried my husband's stick-to-the-wall laser level. But it turns out that since our walls are not exactly flat, the line was warped. So I got out the 4 foot standard level and started penciling in lines and then putting down the tape.

I think the final result is pretty cool and definitely exactly what I was going for.

One tip for those attempting this at home...make sure your tape is just above or below the pencil line you have made. There are a few places on our wall where I was just at the line and the paint didn't cover the pencil and now it won't erase from the wall...but it is too close to the line to try and fix it without making a mess. (you can see an example of that below).

So have any of you attempted any paint tricks in your home? Do share!


  1. I really like it! Great tip about the pencil, that is definitely the kind of thing I would do.

  2. Simple yet so chic. I love it.

  3. How very Jim Hunter of you to pencil it out first! :-)

    Very nice job, Mom!

  4. I. LOVE. IT!

    Do you think that technique would look cool in my office?
    No really, I want to know!

  5. I guress it would, Kathrynzj...I haven't seen your office though, so I can't be positive...but my guess is that this look would work everwhere.