Thursday, March 19, 2009

buttons and notions

A button has disappeared from my favorite spring coat so I have spent the morning looking for a replacement. Time was, I used to save those things in their cute little paper envelopes...the theory being that someday (like today) I might need one...but of course I can't seem to find where I put all those buttons.


While looking, however, I did come across a box I have kept over the years with various cards and buttons (of the Disney pin exchange program variety) and wedding invitations and other mementos of my life. Most of the things I saved are from when I worked at Walt Disney World in Orlando...old name tags, four calendar years of schedules (which would greatly increase my ability to figure out just how many Voyage of the Little Mermaid [VOLM] shows I have done in my life), commemorative watches and invitations to show openings.

While waxing poetic about my Disney years, the Ursula/Ariel track for Poor Unfortunate Souls started playing on my iPod...and I actually couldn't stop myself from doing the choreography.

The first track I learned at VOLM was the Flounder track. That track consisted of the Flounder puppet during the black-light number, the scroll Ariel signs her voice away with and the 'hands' that grab Ariel's voice as she sings with Ursula.

Later on, I learned the Dolphin track, which starts out in the black light number with the dolphin, then moves on to the bubble with the fish on the plate...then I think there is some action with the Sturgeon and the Ray and then finally ending up with the dolphin again. During the Ursula scene, the Dolphin track is the left hand and arm movements of Ursula as well as her head movements and eye blinks (School of Fish track is in charge of her right hand and puppeteering her mouth and there were also two techs inside her to get her to move around the stage).

Anyway, it was rather nostalgic to be looking through all those old things and realizing that almost 9 years after leaving Disney, I still remember the choreography.

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  1. Muscular/physical memory is weird stuff. I still remember choreography from my swing choir in both junior and regular high school. It's crazy.