Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm screwed

So far I haven't really gotten too excited about dressing this baby because I figure most people will buy him clothes as gifts rather than the stuff on our registry (that's just how buying for baby tends to go) and because I am most likely going to be on the receiving end of some super fun hand-me-downs from my nephew.

Until now.

Boden, which is a wonderful catalogue that I get that has such wonderfully yummy bright confections as these...

...just sent me a "mini Boden" catalogue. I had no idea they sold things as delicious as this...for BABY!!

Seriously, the only thing keeping me from getting out the plastic is that most of the clothes currently on the website are a bit silly for a newborn and by time our muchkin is big enough to warrant such delightful designs as these, it will be fall and we will be looking for warmer least that's what I am telling myself...


  1. Um, so I have no input on baby clothing, seeing as how I have no babies to clothe, but how is it that I have never heard of Boden before? Especially when I think I NEED that green and blue jacket?

    Darn you for introducing me to more clothing when I was doing so good in my no spending whatsoever since December! Must... resist...

  2. Oh yeah...its a dangerous, dangerous place. Especially since I am a huge Ann Taylor Loft fan and have since stopped buying there because everyone shops there...I rarely see anyone wearing something from Boden and certainly not droves of women...Boden's a much safer place to shop from :)

  3. Hello! I found your blog through the bookity book club comments (I was the audiobook girl :) ). Congrats on your pregnancy!! I enjoyed reading your posts on WB back in the day. Glad I came across you here, looking forward to following along.