Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Conspiracy theory

Well, we have ordered our new car and are waiting for it to arrive sometime in May...YAY!! It is a Volvo XC60, their new cross over.

Volvo has a pretty big ad campaign going for the car now since it has a new safety feature called City Safety that will stop your car if you are going less than 9 miles an hour and are about to hit the car in front of you. But we actually could care less about that. We decided on this car way back in November when we attended a car show in Boston. It was the only vehicle that wasn't a full SUV that we could fit a car seat (not to mention a full sized adult) into the back seat and still have me drive with the seat all the way back. This may not seem like much to many of you, but to us long-legged people, it means the world!!

The lovely Volvo XC60...ours will be in Black

Of course, this means that I need to sell my trusty 2003 Saturn L200 which I still had at least 8 months of payments to make on it.

2003 Saturn L200 in Silver, just like mine

We sent in a payoff check to the financing bank over two weeks ago and magically, it hasn't arrived yet. I find that complete bull shit. You can't tell me that in 33 years of never having anything get lost in the mail, that NOW is the time a check would disappear off the face of the earth? I just find that a little too convenient...especially when the bank won't let you make a payment in any other way than sending a check (at least not without a huge service fee) and every day the check doesn't get there they add more and more interest to the payment...which means we will eventually have to send another check for $1.87 and go through the entire annoying process again. AND they won't send the title until it is completely paid for, which means I can sell it until this is all resolved!!


I don't believe for one second that they process the check the moment it arrives as I have been told by two snotty customer service representatives. I think it sits in a holding cell somewhere while they try to nickle and dime me as long as they possibly can!

So there you go...my conspiracy theory.

Note to self...next time, pay to send it overnight with a tracking number. That'll show 'em!

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