Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our other baby born on 07/08/09

First...a little background.

Below is a picture of our yard the first winter we lived in our home. You can see the two very large 'dwarf' apple trees on the left, the decaying pile of wood along the back fence, and the deck on the right that was rotting:

The spring after we moved in, we paid to have the landscapers come and fix the garden along the side of the house. While doing that, they also took away the decaying wood pile and spruced up the area around the dwarf apple trees:

At the end of summer last year, we had the dwarf apple trees removed because they were over three stories tall, dropping apples on the neighbor's car and there was no way to cut them back without damaging the integrity of the tree.

We had plans to redo the foundation of part of our house and in the process, replace the deck, so below is a picture of the back yard and deck just prior to that work starting:

Over this past winter, the foundation and deck work was is beautiful, but as you can did some major damage to whatever yard we had:

We tried to do something with the yard ourselves, slowly picking out all the rocks and debris that had collected over the years...but it was just too big a job for us to do on our own...and we wanted to be sure that after spending money to fix the yard, it would be done right.
So we called the landscapers back and on July 8, 2009, they started work on the yard (note: picture taken by my mom on her cell phone, oh, and the dumpster is actually our neighbors):

So when we got home from the hospital, we were greeted with a brand new, graded lawn and two Cleveland Select Pear trees...which actually don't have fruit.

Here's hubby getting ready to mow it for the first time this past weekend...he was like a kid waiting for Christmas he was so excited to get out and mow it!!

It was so thick the first time he mowed it, he filled up the grass catcher on one pass!:

And just to finish the series of is a picture of the awesome grill that his parent's gifted us with for Christmas and our is a charcoal grill with a gas starter so that the grill is ready to go in 10-15 minutes!:

And mommy's new addition to the backyard...this lovely car in the driveway:

If you are interested in seeing the entire series of pictures of the work done on our house, you can access it here:
House Renovation Pictures

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