Friday, July 31, 2009

True Colors

It has been a busy week around here. I have discovered that the more we go out, the faster the days go. And for the most part, Little G only looks like this...

...when we're home. Although, sometimes he screams and rants and rages in the car seat.

On our laundry list of things that we have accomplished this week:
  • On Monday, we went to the baby class at the hospital that had been cancelled last week. I am pleased to report that we are now on the mailing list so we will receive notification of cancellations from now on. Additionally, it was at this class that Little G discovered the great and powerful mirror. Oh, the things it can tell you if you only stare at the handsome man in the mirror long enough...

  • On Tuesday, we made a quick errand to go visit a nice lady in Jamaica Plain from whom we purchased a gently used infant cabana. This way Little G can be outside with us in the yard and not be in the sun.

    Then later on that morning the visiting nurse came to visit us and after that we headed back to the hospital for the breastfeeding support group. We had lots of fun at that group and are both a bit sad to have to stop you think it would be inappropriate for us to pretend our bottle of formula is actually expressed breast milk just so we can keep going to that group?'re probably right.

  • On Wednesday, we didn't have any regularly scheduled events (next week is when the official 'Great Beginnings' class starts for us at ISIS Maternity) so we headed out to the grocery store. It was great fun fooling the many people there into thinking I was (still) a grossly huge pregnant lady and then to have them see Little G's head sticking out of the Moby Wrap. And it was nice to be back in a place that has some sort of routine for me.

  • Thursday afternoon we headed out to meet some women with babies around the same age at JP Licks in Jamaica Plain. Even though Little G had been a pill all day, he was able to pull it together and sleep peacefully in his carseat the entire time we were there. The trip marked another milestone for us, as it was our first outing where Little G was NOT the youngest kid present...there was another little boy who is 5 days younger than Little G in attendance.

  • Today, Friday, we are hoping to make it out to Baby Yoga where I used to attend Pre-Natal Yoga classes. I can only imagine that we are not going to have as lovely and agreeable a baby at this class...but we shall see.

In all, aside from the breastfeeding issues that kept us all up at night crying earlier in the week, it has been a good week...MUCH better than last week when I was about ready to stomp back to the hospital and leave him there for someone, ANYONE, else to take him. And I know that it won't always be easy...but at least we seem to be finding our rhythm. And if it all falls apart in the future...we can always ask the man in the mirror for some advice.


  1. Aww he's such a cutie! Sorry you've been having it rough lately.

  2. I think I said this before, or I meant to. I am in awe of you. I was terrified to go anywhere with my little terror. I STILL have only gone out with him by myself ONCE.

    But you are right. Being out and still going about your day helps make the day pass. Hang in there: they say the first 6 weeks are the toughest. But all shall pass.

  3. I'm so impressed with how much you're already doing with Little G so early on without help! You're doing a fantastic job!! We here are still in survival mode, if we get to read a story after feeding it's a good day... BTW, Little G is soooo adorable and "expressive"! :) Amazing that he can recognize himself in the mirror already, they really do grow up too fast...

  4. he's adorable even when he's crying his heart out! hope to meet him sometime soon at a boston bee meetup :)