Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bedtime hilarity

Every night when we put Little G to bed, we change him into his jammies and read him a story and then lay him in his crib, swaddle him and he drifts off to never-land.

We used to feed him a bottle right before bed as well, but these days, he doesn't need the bottle, so we have had to come up with other ways to keep him occupied while one of us reads a story to him. It might be bouncing him on our lap or rocking him back and forth or making faces at him on the changing table.

The past few nights it has been mommy giggling incessantly at daddy while he attempts to read one of MY favorite stories from when I was a kid. It is a book that my parent's sent away for that in 'Mad-Lib' style uses my name for the main character, my friend's names for the character's friends' names, my school name, my local mall name, my sister's name...etc, etc.

The biggest problem for my husband in reading it is that the name of the main character in the book's best friend is actually my name spelled backwards. I am not exactly sure if my parent's just couldn't come up with a name or if the book company did this for everyone...but my first name, is ALMOST a palindrome. Which means through much of the book, my slightly dyslexic husband had to decipher which name was which while reading an unfamiliar book upside down (so Little G can see the pictures). To complicate matters even further, towards the end of the book, the sad clown in the story is no longer sad and therefore needs a new name and my character gladly let's the clown share my name.

People...I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time...and let me tell you...Little G was fascinated by mommy's face turning red, her eyes rolling back in her head and her huge belly laughs and chuckles and wheezes while having his story read to him.

In OTHER bedtime hilarity with most of the light switches in our 100 year old house, the light switch for Little G's bedroom is out in the hallway. My husband and I now HAVE to announce who had turned off Little G's light (which is thankfully on a dimmer) because for FOUR nights out of the last seven Little G woke up early because his light was on. The first three nights were because my husband would turn the light off and then I would also turn it off (which at that point was turning it back on). Last night, it was because we both thought the other one of us turned the light off.

Geniuses we are not...

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