Friday, November 20, 2009

New additions to the nursery

So I never got around to updating you on our nursery and what it looks like now that it is really, REALLY finished.

It was finished for the most part when I wrote about it here, but I didn't want to show the finished product to you since it blatantly showed what we were going to name our son and he hadn't been born yet.

So anyway...what I originally showed to you that looked like this:

Now looks like this:

We really like those fun little woodland creatures...I wish I had it in me to have been more creative with their placement rather than just stick them up on the wall in the same arrangement suggested on the packaging...but who has the time, right?

Of course this fun bird did find its way to a perch over by the crib:

We also decided to break up the big sailboat mobile and put part of it over by the bookshelf and the other two pieces over his crib. I realize they aren't as exciting as a crib mobile, but considering babies can only have crib mobiles for a couple of months before abandoning them because they are sitting up, I figure these will at least be appreciated for a longer amount of time.
Lastly, there is this fun banner above Little G's closet. We know it is a bit ridiculous to have his name so prominantly displayed twice in such a small room...but I made the banner before we got the wooden letters, so even though Tim Gunn would definitely encourage us to edit...we put it up anyway.

I am particularly proud of the banner even with its raggedy edges and poor stiching as I made it from remnants from some pillow projects. In cost me $1.49 because the only thing I had to purchase was the binding tape used as the string that holds it all together.

So that's Little G's crib...snicker snicker...


  1. I love it, it's absolutely perfect!!! Those little woodland creatures are adorable.

  2. I love that wall! He has such a great room!

  3. It looks fantastic. I love those wall decals. Such a fun room!

  4. That banner is awesome! I'll have to keep it in my saved "baby folder". I'm so amazed at you mommies. There's so much out there these days. I like how you did the two shades of paint on the walls. Btw, you have REALLY pretty molding (haha that's what I notice).