Thursday, December 10, 2009

5 Months

Happy Five Month Birthday (a few days late)!!!


1 Month:

2 Month:

3 Month:

4 Month:

5 Month:

This past month you started solid foods and you LOVE them! Your first taste of oatmeal really opened your eyes to a whole new world of culinary goodness!

You have become so much more of a happy, giggly baby in the past few weeks. I knew you would come into this phase eventually and we are ALL so glad you have finally arrived.

Napping is starting to be an easier endeavor and they are even getting a bit longer!

On Thanksgiving at Grammy and Grampy's house, you rolled over from your front to your back for the first time. Most babies get scared when they do that, but you were so pleased with yourself and gave us the best grin!

You scoot around on your back in a half circle as you make attempts to roll over from your back to your front. Not sure when that will ever happen, but my guess is that once you figure out that is the key to getting where you want to go, you will be unstoppable!

You had your first long car rides this month and were a champ about it. And you even outgrew your infant carrier so we had to upgrade to a convertible car seat.

We have been in Pennsylvania staying with Aunt K and Gram and Cousin W for about a week now and the Christmas tree is up. You love to sit under the tree and reach for the ornaments.

We love you, Little G, and are so excited to celebrate Christmas with you this month.

All of the love in the universe,

Mom and Dad


  1. Merry Christmas Little G! You're growing up beautifully!

  2. He's soooo adorable! Can't believe he's growing out of his car seat already, a minor milestone in itself :) Glad he's liking his solids! Eva has yet to start, but she opens her mouth and stares longingly when we eat, so that's coming very soon. But unlike Little G, she has no interest in rolling over, but she can jumperoo all day. But soon she'll have to learn that jumperooing isn't a form of locomotion *sigh*

    Anyway, have a very special first Christmas with Little G!