Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Phoning this one in

It's been a week of travel so posting has been light. I've also have a head cold that has apparently manifested itself into Bronchitis.


So I figured I'd post another oldie-but-goodie for 'ya. This one's from back in 2005 and is yet another example of a gaffe typical to me.


I am friends with a couple, Roberta and Chris. They are SUPER smart and trendy, and a little obnoxious about it. (Of course, that last part is really only in my head…they would be much easier to not like if they weren’t so darn nice.) They live in a penthouse condo with smart and trendy d├ęcor, in a smart and trendy area, on a smart and trendy street, with a smart and trendy roof deck. She is a professor and he does something incredibly important with math and I think they BOTH write text books. I have no idea why these people are friends with someone like me who is only
“S-M-R-T Smart”.

So it happened to pass that the boy and I ended up at their home, sitting in their trendy living room and eating trendy snacks while playing Trivial Pursuit with some other friends. Trivial Pursuit is not something that I excel in, or even care about that much for that matter, but for this game we decided to up the ante and substitute Cranium questions in place of rolling-again. I may have no patience for Trivial Pursuit, but I can mold clay and draw pictures with the best of them.

Game on!

Throughout the evening there was a lion’s share of literary, historical and mathematical references tossed about above my head. Finally, during a lull in the game, Roberta announced that she was going to go into the kitchen and frosticate. At this point, my frustration with everything smart and trendy came to a head with my exclaiming, “$&^%…I’m done with this…if you’re going to use ‘big’ words like ‘Frosticate’, I’m gonna need you to make sure us little people know what the hell it means!” To which Roberta calmly replied, “Frost the cake, Girl…I’m going into the kitchen to Frost the cake.”


Game over.


  1. Hahaha, I laughed out loud at this and then read it out loud to Turtle. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh no!! So, are you still friends?

  3. Yup...we're actually even better friends now. I ended up working for "Chris" for a few months and they have a child a year older than G so we have a lot more in common these days along occasionally reminiscing over frosticating.

  4. Yes. I might frosticate next Sunday for Miss S's birthday, too!

  5. ummmm, i love this. because i can legit picture the whole scenario.