Monday, March 07, 2011

What would you say?

I know no less than 11 women who are pregnant right now with their first babies. Crazy, huh? It makes sense. I 'met' many of them through a wedding blogging site, so it only makes sense that they would be moving forward into the next stage of life.

When I was pregnant with Little G, I researched the heck out of everything. I once likened it to having to cram for the biggest test of my life.

In the end, what I discovered was that I could have saved myself all of the research and headaches and long nights looking up the pros and cons of pacifier usage since it is really very, very hard to fail at parenting.

I would say the number one thing I learned since having a kid is that there is no tried and true, black and white, way to do anything.

If you want to cloth diaper but can't figure out what you want to do because you have no idea how to even regularly diaper a kid...wait until you have one and then try it one ever said you had to do it from day one without fail.

If you want to feed your kid from the table but he's too hungry to be patient enough to do it himself, than feed him mush until you take off the edge of the hunger and then give him a slab of one ever said there was no happy medium between baby-led and parent-led weaning.

If you need your kid to go to sleep but can't stand the thought of Ferberizing, than let him be rocked to sleep and figure out what you want to do the next one ever said there was only one way to put a kid to sleep.

Take parenthood one day at a time; trust your will be able to do this from day one, and even if you can't, it will come soon enough; and leave room for interpretation. That's the advice I give to all those new mommies out there and it is the advice I would remind myself of when we someday have a second baby.

What would you say?