Friday, May 13, 2011

On the Road

I have an observation that makes me uncomfortable.

Every Monday and Tuesday morning when I take Little G to day care I notice something. The closer we get to his day care, the worse the driving habits of those around me. Little G's day care is not in a great neighborhood and is surrounded by even more less-than-even-mediocre neighborhoods. So I have started to associate bad driving with the type of people that I see in the neighborhoods while driving Little G to day care.

A few examples of this are:
  • blatant disregard of red lights - as in, being stopped at a red light, but once seeing there is a space for a car to get through the traffic, just blazing right through the red light.

  • passing cars while JUMPING OVER EMBANKMENTS - just to get to the next intersection faster

  • speeding up as fast as one can to make the left hand turn arrow; running out of time, and instead of stopping, plowing through the intersection missing oncoming traffic by mere inches

  • Or my personal favorite, pulling out in front of full speed oncoming traffic and just stopping and blocking all lanes of traffic so no one can move anywhere
What the heck, people?! I'm as much of a yellow light running, 5 mph above the speed limit (10 on highways) driving rule breaker as the next guy...but this is out of control.

And why exactly IS it so blatantly worse the further into the hood I drive?


  1. Oh man, that IS bad driving! In the town I live in, people are REALLY bad about running red lights - but not after stopping at them! That's just ridiculous.

  2. You're making me glad I moved. In all the bad Boston driving I witnessed over 10 years, I never saw someone stop and then go at a red light.

  3. I'm assuming this means youdidnt drive through Dorcester often...