Monday, May 16, 2011

Still not the way I thought it would be

Back in January of 2009 I wrote a post called Not the Way I Thought it Would Be; about what happened when I found out I was pregnant with Little G. The short version is that I tested five days out and the test came back with one pink line and one very faint pink line and when I rushed downstairs to ask my husband what he thought that meant, he sort-of brushed me off and suggested we wait a few days and see.

This time was a little bit different and yet STILL surprised me. Even though I had warned the masses not to test early because it's a recipe for going stir crazy; I did just that. Tested early each and every time during the months we were trying to conceive. And every time it would come out negative and every time I would think, "well, maybe I am and it just isn't strong enough yet." Inevitably, I would test again the day my period was due and then the next day my period would show up. It was a great way to waste money.

So in January, when it was coming time for my period to show up, I promised myself I would not test early. Except we were going away, and if I WAS pregnant, I wanted to know before we went away (I seriously can find an excuse for everything). So I did test. 6 days early. And it was negative. And I was crushed.

So I went to Pennsylvania. Remember this post about Extreme Toddlering where Little G was hurling himself down the slides at Monkey Joe's...yeah, it was THAT trip to Pennsylvania that I was headed to. While I was there, the date of my period came and went and I started to realize that since I tested six days early, I could very well have tested too early which meant that if I waited until a couple days past my period that I could test again and it would make perfect sense that my first one had been negative. (I know...CRaaaZZZZyyyy lady!!).

So the morning after that fun day at Monkey Joe's, when I woke up slightly feverish and feeling quite squicky, I decided to get myself to a CVS and get a pregnancy know...just in case. Little G went down for a nap and my mom headed out to walk the dogs and I hemmed and hawed and went back and forth and finally decided to just do it. So I peed on the stick and refused to look at it until three minutes had passed. And there they were. Two. Pink. Lines. As clear as day.

I sunk to my knees in the middle of the living room and cried and cried and cried while repeating, "thank you, thank you, thank you" over and over again.

Soon my mom came home and I was able to show her the test and she was super excited. I was heading back to Massachusetts that afternoon after Little G got up from his nap and I couldn't wait to tell my husband. But this time, I wanted it to be different.

Not too far from my mom's house is a mall with a Gymboree. I called and asked if they had any shirts that said Big Brother on them and they had one in a 3T so I quickly raced to the store before Little G got up from his nap. Soon it was time to head to the airport, so I changed Little G into his new shirt...
...and put his jacket on and headed to the airport. It was cold when we arrived and my husband met us, so we never took his coat off before getting in the car. It was SO HARD to not spill the beans while riding the 1/2 hour home from the airport. Then, when we got home, my husband busied himself with something while I was still trying to get him to take Little G's coat off!

Finally, I pretended I forgot something outside and said, "I'm going outside, can you please take his coat off?"

My husband unzipped Little G's coat and got it halfway off before saying, "What are you wearing?" cutting himself off halfway to look up at me and exclaim, "ARE YOU PREGNANT?!"

It was totally awesome to tell him that way. He picked up Little G and hugged me and we both laughed that this was much better than last time.

We used the shirt a few weeks later to tell my in-laws while we were talking to them on FaceTime and I took a picture of Little G in the shirt and sent it to my sister when we told her, so it's gotten a little bit more use. And since it's a 3T, I'm hoping it will fit when the bean finally arrives in November.

So...anyway...long story, but still fun. If you made it this far, thanks :)


  1. That is ADORABLE! What a cute way to tell him!

  2. That whole story makes me smile.

  3. What a cute idea! Note to myself: Buy Big-Bro-Shirt for my son, so I can tell my husband, should I ever get pregnant again... :-)

  4. GREAT story. Congratulations!! I am due to have a baby boy in early August. I wish my story of how I told dad was as cute, but it wasn't. Ours was a total surprise so that sucked the creativity of telling right out of me!

  5. That is such a cute way to tell your husband! I know it must have been torture not to spill the beans right away!

  6. OMG, congrats! Recently a friend in our moms group did the same thing to announce their 2nd one- except that day it was freezing and the little girl got zipped and unzipped at the playground a millionth time :)

  7. Oh Miriam, I got shivers when you sank on your knees. I looove this story. xo

  8. OMG congratulations!!! I'm getting back to the land of the living and didn't realize that you are prego too! I'm so excited to have a prego buddy in the Boston area! :)