Monday, March 12, 2012

Big Changes for Little G

Back in January, Little G transitioned to a new school.  The transition came quickly - we found out about the spot on a Thursday; visited on Friday and gave our deposit; he spent a week at the old school; had a cupcake party on Friday to say goodbye; and then the next Monday started at the new school.

Because it all happened so fast and because there is/was already so much transition going on in his life (big boy bedroom, new sibling, potty training[!!!!!!!]), I wanted to help him with this new transition but didn't know exactly how to go about doing it.  Thankfully, we were also working with a team of developmental specialists at the time (loooooong story that I don't feel too comfortable sharing here other than the conclusion that Little G is COMPLETELY NORMAL, if not advanced in some areas for his age) and they suggested putting together a book of pictures of the new school for Little G to read over the course of the few days we had between switching programs.

The book turned out to be a fantastic idea.  We read it at bed time and he would even request it on the potty.  When we got to his new school the next Monday, Little G walked right up the stairs and into the arms of his new teacher. 

I should point out that in my 'other life', I design and produce custom invitations and announcements and I was an avid scrapbooker for much of the late '90's so I had the resources to quickly make this quickly, you ask? All in the span of one 25 minute nap his sister gifted me one afternoon ;)  The reason I am pointing this out is because he would have done just fine with a flip-book of pictures - I just took it to the next level because I had the resources to do so...not because I'm a crazy mommy.  Ok...I AM crazy...but still, I promise, this was easy.

Annnnnyway, there is a new little boy at Little G's school who started last week and who is having a tough time transitioning.  He's a lot younger than Little G, so I'm not sure if the book will help or not, but in any case I have donated the book to Little G's new school so that they can offer it to this new little boy's mama and any other new student that might come along.

Little G has been at his new school for two months now, though it feels like a lifetime ago when we were transitioning him.  He truly loves his school, his teachers and the program and I am so grateful that it all worked out so well.

Just the other day, we received notice that Little G was accepted to the pre-school that we were hoping he would attend in the Fall so I will most likely employ this tactic again when it comes closer for him to transition. This newer school will actually take him all the way through 8th grade, so there shouldn't be too much transitioning after that.


  1. Awww, how cool that your mad scrapping skillz came in handy for such a sweet project??  (who would have thunk it, back in the late 90's! :)

    (Also, does their bathroom have a footed bathtub?  Color me jealous)

  2. As usual, I am awed by your amazing mom skills. This is such a cool idea.

  3. Such a great idea and so kind of you to pass it along to others! You're a great mommy. : )

  4. What a totally fantastic idea!!! I am sooooo going to use this for some upcomming transitions in Sienna's life. Thank you for sharring!!!