Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ladybug at 4-5 months

Ladybug - you're four and a half months and I missed your 4 month update and we'll be in FL for your 5 month and finally, two children into this experiment of love, I have decided to just write to you whenever I can, regardless of schedule.
Just after your three month birthday

The difference in you from 'blob', as your daddy would say* to interacting baby has been like night and day.  You woke up one day around turning 4 months and decided to really be a part of our family and we have loved interacting with you.  The biggest change started when you figured out how to use your hands.  First it was just your shirt you were lifting up...now you will grab any toy you can and bring it to your mouth.

Little G likes to lay down with you and hold your hand.  It is by far the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed.

We headed to VT to find some snow for your brother to play in - you had a good time too - even though you slept through your first sled ride :)

From trip to visit bisbees
Your first sled ride!!  You didn't even wake up!

Your brother has noticed that you are more and more interactive as well and he hasn't exactly taken it that well.  He's ok if you're garnering attention from us for a bit, but if Grammy and Grampy are on the phone and want to talk to you, he gets very jealous.

Your 4 month birthday

Snuggling with your brother

Sometimes you seem so sensitive...just stroking your hair after a shower pisses you off to no end and Lord help us if anything ever bonks you in the head just a little bit.  Yet, you have a dare devilish side to you as well.  You are just as entranced by the 'fake dropping' game we played with Little G at this age and I thought for sure it would scare the beJesus out of you.  Instead you grin from ear to ear.

 Hanging out with your friends in mommy's 2nd time mom's class...all these babies have older siblings.

Our first real family photo

You smile so much, but my favorite smiles are when you are trying to blow raspberries.  Blowing the raspberry makes you so happy that you smile and then you can't do it anymore.

From random videos
Blowing raspberries was a new trick for a while...

 We found you like this in your crib not too long ago...(anyone who cares to comment on the blanket in the crib can just look at the last picture of you in this post ;)

 A picture of you (top) and Little G (bottom) around the same age, after bath time.

You have gifted us recently with going to bed with Little G around 7:30 at night and then waking up at 6:30 to be fed again...except now you have decided that not getting a bottle around 4:00 is bunk, so you wake up hungry and ready to start the day!  This is reaaaaallly not going to work for me, so I finally made the decision to start you on some solid foods.

Little G started solids on his 4 month birthday, but we held off with you until this past Sunday, March 18; 9 day shy of your 5 month birthday.   But now that you are up in the middle of the night again, I think you need to get calories in you in another form than the 35+ oz. of forumla you have each day.  So far you've just had some baby oatmeal, but soon we will introduce you to carrots and squash and peas and pears and applesauce.  My guess is you'll really like them.  We're generally a baby led family around here though, so we'll also toss in some frozen mini bagels and a pork chop or two by the end of next month.

We're still trying to work on a consistent nap schedule...right now, if there isn't anything else going on in our day, you nap right after we get back from taking Little G to school, which is great because it is good time for mommy to sit down at her computer and get some work done.  But your schedule after that varies a lot and I haven't figured out when to find the time to actually track it and get it more structured.  I'm not concerned.  Your brother didn't nap more than 20 minutes at a time until he was 7 months old, so to even get a consistent morning nap from you is a big plus in my book.

We try and do some tummy time with you every day, and you really just hate it and start screaming long before ever achieving flipping over to your back on your own.  But conversely, you get pretty bored on your back and immediately lift your feet up and swing them over and arch your back and try to turn over to your stomach...again, that's something your brother didn't even try until 6 months, so I'm super impressed that you are so close to rolling yourself over.

 Your first time in the stroller seat (As opposed to on the stroller but in your car seat)

 A fun picture of you and Little G - again, around the same age.

From random videos
We finally got some consistent baby giggles about a week ago!!  YAY!

So far you have kept all of your hair and it is as unruly as ever.  My hope is that once you can roll over to your stomach, than you will hopefully sleep that way and we can further combat the ginormous cowlick that makes all the hair in the back of your head stand straight up.  Even so, you are strikingly beautiful.  I know this because the old lady at the supermarket the other day crossed three lanes of checkouts to tell me so.
 We've determined these all-around-the head bow things must be for babies without hair because you look like Rambo's sister.

A gift from Aunt K that we got to wear once just to make our opinion known ;)

Even though this is our second time around, we are still forever in awe of all that you have accomplished and how very fast this time has gone.  You are already 1/3 of a year old!  I just want to hold on to every moment of this knowing that sitting up isn't far away and then pretty soon you'll be crawling and these days of carrying you around softly in our arms will be a distant memory.

We love you, Ladybug.  Always until eternity.

Mommy, Daddy and Little G


*there's more to that joke...he doesn't really think you are any other baby are a blob


  1. so so touching. made me cry with all of the love and care and beauty!