Thursday, June 28, 2012

Little G's a Graduate

I have to say, until last week, I was an adamant believer that graduation ceremonies should be reserved for 8th grade and up.  This was based solely on the fact that I didn't graduate officially from anything myself until 8th grade.

But last week, on the same day I broke my ankle, Little G's school held a graduation ceremony for all of the children who were not coming back in the fall.  Children may attend the school until they enter Boston Public School at age 4 or 5, but we plan to send Little G to a private Montessori school next year that will take him through 8th grade.  Thus, it was time for him to graduate.

I was a mess.

To know how much this opportunity - to have Little G attend the Montessori based program he has been in since January - has meant to us, I would have to describe the entire situation that occurred last December with his old day care and I refuse to air that out over the internet so you just have to trust me that his old situation was fine, but it was imperative that he move on and the circumstances surrounding the situation were far and away some of the most stressful we have encountered since he was born.

At the ceremony, the children showed some of the things that they have been working on.  Two of the children had expressed an interest in ballerinas and princesses and fairies, so they worked with the teachers and prepared a choreographed routine to the Nutcracker's Sugar Plum Fairies dance.  Another of the children had been drawn to the piano they keep in the room, so they had encouraged her to learn a piece and play it for us.  My jaw hit the floor as this little 4 year old played the first two stanza's of the Alphabet Song in front of twenty-some odd people.

One of the fun activities they have been working on was taking a collection of stuffed, fabric organs and placing them on an apron that one of the teachers wore that extended down the the front and back. This explains why the other day when Little G was telling us the food he was eating was 'yummy in his tummy' he then exclaimed, "and in my (sic) Snufafalagous!!".  "Esophagus?", I asked incredulously.  "Yeah!  My SOPHAGUS!!", he shouted!

We were treated to several different performances and examples of the work they have been doing while at the school and then it was time for the graduation.  Little G proudly clasped his Mortarboard to his head and gleefully collected his diploma and hugs.  Because at this age, graduation also includes hugs.

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