Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Litte G's 3rd Birthday Party

I'm going to have to ask you to step back in your mind for a moment and think back to the summer.  The beginning of summer, no less.  Because a certain little boy around here had a birthday and we celebrated and mommy took pictures...and then never posted about it.  

So take a moment and remember what early Summer 2012 was like for you.  The breezes were warm, the sun was hot.  The humidity was starting to be a factor.  The 4th of July had just been celebrated.  Schools were out, camps were in session.  The promise of a stretch of vacation still lay ahead for most of us... the mood?

Little G turned 3 on July 8, but we couldn't hold a party for him until the following weekend because there were two other parties the weekend of his actual birthday!  That's right...nothing like explaining to a three year old that the birthday party he is at ON his birthday isn't actually for him.  But I digress.

On the day of his party, we decorated the door of his room for him to discover as he woke up.

Since it was summer and there would potentially be a lot of kids, I wanted to keep things simple.  No coordinating drink straws with cake pops, here.  Just a huge kiddie-pool of bubbles with fly swatter wands and a hula-hoop that made super big bubbles!

A small spread that I completely owe all credit to my friend, "Laura", who came over early (as in the night before) to help me figure out what to feed the masses...since I may or may not have totally dropped the ball on planning this).  We got a watermelon and cut it with a train cookie cotter to up the fun factor.  She had some extra fruit salad that we upped the ante with by adding more berries.  Potato and macaroni salads, the world's most awesome baked beans (made by Laura's husband) and hot dogs and hamburgers.

There were other outside activities besides the bubbles; like sidewalk chalk, and the slide and mini-trampoline and a sprinkler...but the most awesome activity of all was the decorate your own train car cake that I dreamed up a few nights before the party.  Basically, I went to iParty and got a bunch of decorations (sprinkles, icing in a can, candies, etc.) and then made individual train car cakes (easily done with my Wilton train pan) and then packaged them all up in individual boxes with wax paper liners.

The kids had a blast getting to go wild with icing and sprinkles!  

We also had a "real" birthday cake for Little G to blow out the candle, but since the kids were all into the train cakes, the adults got to eat the bigger cake.

Little G and his friend, "J", pretended our front porch was a train for most of the rest of the afternoon, boarding and exiting the train by the front steps. (and yes, those are Christmas lights out in July...we have bistro lights in one of our front trees and my husband likes the look of the lights on the porch, so there they are.  In July.)

It was a great party, though.  The goodie bags had engineer caps, stamps, inflatable mini-beach balls, silly-straws, mini-airplane kits and small, wooden train whistles and came in a fun beach bag.

Eventually, most of his little friends went home but there were still Aunts and Uncles...

...and really great friends... keep celebrating with.


  1. Sounds like a great party! And those gift bags sound TOPS!

  2. That looks like a fantastic party! The kiddie pool full of bubble solution sounds amazing!

  3. That sounds like a terrific party!

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