Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jersey Shore

I spent the weekend at the Jersey Shore with some family on my husband's side. Below are some pics of the trip. Please excuse the blatant use of post-processing techniques. I truly loved the original pictures that I took...but I took them with the sole intent of 'going to town' on 'em with Photoshop, just so I can get some more exposure (pun not intended).


  1. I miss the ocean, I didnt get to go once this summer. Maybe next year!

  2. very, very nice. I really love them. The seagull in the grass is my favorite.
    btw, I read your first post and was mortified. and I'm glad you took up blogging again!

  3. ok, which beach is this? There is something about the Jersey shore as much as I love the San Diego beaches it's just different there.

  4. There's the shore I know and love!

  5. Thanks leaca...glad you likey.

    Baby and Me...if you have any opportunity to even just drive past the water for a split second, I say go for it...it really makes ya feel soooooo good.

    erin...thanks for the support...it was really shitty.

    cjcrash...the ocean pics were taken in Loveladies on LBI and the marsh pics were taken directly across the road in the sound. The lighthouse pics are from Barnegat lighthouse.

    kara...glad you agree :)