Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whoops…you mean I’m supposed to update this thing?

Sorry about that. I have been out of practice. I don’t have much to report from the field here other than it is a craptastic day here in Boston complete with wind, rain and defeated umbrellas strewn along the sidewalks.

Oh...here's some news: I finally talked to my husband about this blog.

You see, he thinks anything to do with the internet is evil. Seriously. Evil.

Mostly because the experience he has with blogs comes from me…and I used to sometimes say things on my blog that would inevitably royally piss off my friend, and roommate at the time, and then I would turn to him for comfort and his reaction would be, ‘than don’t put it out there’.

Also, he was sitting there at the table with me when I was fired from my job, so he knows how deeply involvement with a blog can hurt.

Lastly, the only other information he ever hears about people on the internet are the horror stories we get every few months about some kid meeting up with some perv from MySpace or Facebook and getting killed or maimed or drawn into a Liger-worshiping troupe of ne’re-do-gooders who think the end of the world will be signified by a female governor from Alaska in the White House...oh wait...I believe that.

Annnnnnyyyyway....I talked to him about starting another blog and told him that I was doing it because I have a voice that I think people want to hear. Not millions of people per-say, but rather a handful. And as long as there is a handful of people who are amused and, dare-I-say, entertained by my writing, I felt I should allow myself to provide to those people via my blog on the big-ole-scary internets.

I explained that I was going to write as anonymously as possible but that I was going to focus on stories about me, rather than stories about other people; which meant that theoretically, the only person who would potentially be getting 'exposed' by my writing would be me. I also reminded him that the stories I have to tell aren’t all nice and pretty and perfect; that there are things about me in the stories I want to tell that some people may find offensive or shocking, but that it was my choice to ‘put it out there’ and I was doing so because I felt like I had something to say.

And he said ‘ok’.

Not that I was looking for his approval, but at least now I can rest assured that I am not hiding anything from him which really opens up the opportunity to blog freely and express myself.

Ok, so now that THAT's out of the way...any ideas on where to start?


  1. I started my blog so that my friends and family on the east coast could see what was going on in my life without me having to call them all and e-mail them all. So far it has worked. I'm impressed that even my brother who is not a big internet person even reads it.

  2. "To begin at the beginning."
    - Dylan Thomas
    Under Milkwood


  3. See now, that just made me sniffle.