Monday, January 19, 2009

My type

ok-so-you-know-that-movie-'Love-Actually'-and-the-part-that-Laura-Linney-plays-where-she-desperately-has-a-crush-on-the-guy-who-looks-kind-of-nerdy (in that i'm really hot under my clothes kind of way) at-work-and-finally-he-notices-her-and-they-end-up-at-her-place-one night-and-things-are-getting-steamy-and-then-he-takes-of-his-shirt-and-it's-like humma-na humma-na humma-na?

Yeah..that's SO my type. (no disrepect to my husband who, although not Latin, is still able to ellicit that humma-na humma-na feeling out of me at least every once in a while)

Here's some more stills for ya to peruse (bonus, you can click on them and the pics get bigger)...

What's your type?


  1. My type is the good guy who's SUCH a good guy to everyone that you never think of him in that way because you're just too busy looking at all these guys who are WRONGWRONGWRONG for you, until one day, a light goes off and you're like... ahaaaa, I should investigate this. Like Noel Crane (a.k.a. Scott Foley) on 'Felicity' ( My husband's totally a Noel. Totally.

  2. When I was younger, I was totally set on having a type and was sure I would end up with a guy who fit it. But my husband is actually pretty different from that, and that's actually pretty cool.
    But yeah, for the record, the whole dark hair, dark eyes thing does totally make me look twice.

  3. My entire dating life..I went after the down home cowboys..and based most of them off of how good their butt looked in wranglers.

    Then I met my husband... who doesn't even own wranglers and realized that somewhere in college I had taken to liking the dorks.

    He knows I call him that..and I couldn't be more pround to have my very own hubba hubba in a pair of Dockers and a tie!