Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Our first big baby pruchase

Over the break we tried out several strollers and actually purchased one. My main requirements in a stroller were:
  • that the baby be able to face forwards or backwards
  • that the stroller be made in Europe or better yet, right here in the USA
  • that it be tall enough for me to walk and not kick it or be leaning over it when going up/down hills
  • that it look cool and not be made from a ton of plastic parts
  • that it not cost a ridiculous amount of money

My husband's requirement was that it not cost a ridulous amount of money. He has been threatening for a while to just go make one out of toothpicks and rags since he insists he was carted around in an umbrella stroller from infancy but his attitude did change once he saw the baby in the ultrasound.

So after alot of research, including a trip to Magic Beans in Brookline, MA I found that the stroller that best suited our needs was the UPPAbaby Vista. Turns out it met all of my needs and even exceeded them.

For instance:

  • not only can the baby face forward or backwards, but there is a bassinet that comes with it for when the baby is a newborn. The bassinet is lined with organic cotton and soybean material and the baby can sleep in the bassinet if it isn't in the stroller.
  • not only is the stroller made in the United States, it is manufactured right here in Rockland, MA (they also have a factory on the West Coast to cut down on delivery emissions)
  • not only is it tall enough, it has an easily extendable handle AND instead of a rear axle, has an arch so I won't kick it when taking long strides
  • not only does it look cool, but it is made from aluminum, so when the day comes that it is no longer useable, it is recyclable. Plus, all of the material comes off the stroller and can be tossed in the washing machine
  • costs A LOT. Like...a crazy lot. like...$700 lot.

Still, cheaper than the Bugaboo, who's main contribution to society other than being a status symbol ever since it was featured on Sex and the City, was the attachable bassinet.

But I couldn't justify spending that much on a stroller.

So I headed to Craigslist. And lo and behold there was a posting from UPPAbaby themselves:

"FACTORY SECONDS: A variety of reconditioned, refurbished strollers are available for purchase.
Limited quantities- first come, first serve."

Well, with some extreme lucky timing, we called them one day and they had a brand, new still-in-the-box Vista 2009 model stroller that they were selling for $450. $250 LESS than the $700 in the stores. So we raced over there and picked the beauty up. The only 'problem' with it that made it a 'second' was that it was sent to a store in the wrong color and they don't double ship their strollers!

So, in an attempt to not make this post any more long/ are some pics of our new UPPAbaby Vista 2009 stroller in green:

Hmmmm....Blogger seems to not be allowing picture uploads at the moment...but you can go see it here:


  1. Ok, that stroller is just plain awesome and I can't believe the incredible deal that you got!

  2. What a great environmentally friendly company! I love that!

    SO glad I found you on twitter(I'm @kaibigan7) tweet tweet away!

  3. Good lord, I had no idea strollers were so pricey! My parents pushed me around in an ancient, zero-accessories stroller that my grandparents pushed all over NYC when my father and aunt were born.

    Awesome score on the deal, though I think my parents would think I was totally nuts if I ever spent just the amount you saved on a stroller. :)

  4. Totally did not know about your new blog or your new "addition." Congratulations on both. Sadly I think I've all but abandoned my blog. Time?? Who's got it anymore :)

  5. Funny, I just spent 2 days obsessively researching strollers with a rear-facing option! As you seem to have noticed, most of the choices are VERY expensive. And Ed and I are cheapskates and don't have access to your fabulous deals, so that presents even more of a challenge.

    In case anyone else is looking, our choice probably will be the Kolcraft Contour, which is well-reviewed (particularly for the price) and can be found online for around $150. The overall under-$300 winner in my research was the Mia Moda Atmosferra, but that one runs around $280 online and we're probably too cheap. ;)

  6. LOVE that you got such a great deal - so proud of you! :-)

  7. hi! i have some questions for you about the stroller... would i be able to email you? you can email me if you would be willing to answer some questions. my email is thanks so much, in advance!