Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Change is in the air

When my husband and I purchased our home, the master bedroom was painted a very dark hunter green and felt very much like a dark cave. We immediately set to work painting it what we thought was our color of choice, a dusty grayish blue. Although I really wanted the type of blue one finds in a Pottery Barn showcase room, I was unable to achieve that look in our room.

We DO have a lovely Pottery Barn comforter that was a wedding gift that we both absolutely adore and our sheets have some blue detail on them. We aren't trading the sheets in anytime soon as they were purchased on the island of Capri in Italy on our honeymoon and they are so freakin' luxuriously soft I really just want to live in them.

Below are some pics of where our room stands today. It isn't pretty. Somewhere along the way we thought it would be great to get room darkening curtains (which are a necessity because of the street lights outside our windows) in red. The only thing we have on the walls are my big ole' mirror and the furniture is black, but the bed is light brown. The floors, doors and mouldings are darker brown stained wood, but the windows themselves are lighter, more blonde, wood.

We have grand plans to redecorate this space, but it is a bit of a challenge because of the items that are non-negotiable...the black furniture, the blue comforter and sheets with blue details, the tanish brown bed and a brown rug from FLOR that should be here any day now.

Ideas include painting the walls and the trim a cream color; adding some sepia toned pictures in black, white or silver frames; changing out the light fixtures and lamps; repositioning the furniture; and getting some sort of room darkening Roman Shades in perhaps a grasscloth or linen.

I will be sure to keep you posted on the process as I am sure you will all be riveted to the computer just waiting for my updates.

Until then.


View from the entryway:

A wider angle shot of the room:

The lone picture on the wall is an antique arial photo of the Swan Boats in the Boston Public Garden:

Detail on the sheets from Italy:

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