Sunday, September 06, 2009

Two Months

You are almost two months're official birthday is this Tuesday, September 8, which also happens to be your dad's and my second wedding anniversary; but since we have some downtime and you are so peacefully sleeping in your Moby Wrap snuggled up against my chest, I figured I would write down some milestones we have hit in the past two months. were born. That was awesome.

Secondly, we have conquered all sorts of public transportation starting with the Green Line way back when you were only 5 weeks old (on our way to get mommy a pedicure). Since then we have experienced the bus (coming home from downtown Roslindale), the Orange Line (to go see Daddy at work), the Red Line (I can't remember why, but I know we did it) and the Silver Line (on our way to pick up Aunt Kathryn at the airport).

You first smiled at me on Thursday, August 13 when you were only five weeks old...we were at a friend's house and you were trying out their bouncy seat and all of the sudden your face lit up like sunshine and you smiled so big at me I saw both your lovely dimples.

Since then, you have smiled lots...mostly when playing with your Gymini...but sometimes you grin wide as the sky when you see me come into your room in the morning. Your smiles and coos are my drug of choice. You have been cooing for a long time and are getting more and more vocal ever day. Your voice is soft and quiet when you aren't screaming but when you do scream, it is loud and confident and angry and full of life.

You went to your first baseball game last weekend, August 30. It was the Brockton Rocks against the Worcester Tornadoes. Dad carried you in the Moby wrap and you spit up on us so much we went through the bib AND the back-up bib so we had to buy a souvenir bib! You also screamed through the National Anthem...voicing what must have been everyone else's opinion since the lady singing wasn't very good.

We started out sponge bathing you when you first came home, but your umbilical cord came off when you were only 8 days old, so we started bathing you in your 'bucket'. You loved that but now we have even more fun bathing you in the shower with us.

You have made lots of friends at our new mommy groups and you have finally stopped crying when around other crying babies. Aunt Kathryn says you were just feeling their pain. We have learned lots of songs and games and sometimes you even like them.

You grew out of your small diapers and are now on the mediums which means you crossed the threshold to 14 pounds. And you have finally found your thumb on a consistent enough basis that we can totally count it as a skill.

Perhaps the most amazing thing that has happened is that you sleep through the night on most occasions. We have a bedtime routine that we start at 8:00 where we change your diaper and put your PJ's on. Either daddy or I feed you a bottle in the rocking chair in your nursery while the other one of us reads a book to you. When you are done, daddy swaddles you really, really tight and we lay you down in your crib (which you have been sleeping in at night since you were one month old - prior to that you were in a bassinet in our room). Sometimes you get up as early as 4:30 in the morning and want to be changed and fed, but recently you have slept as late as 5, 5:30, 6 or even 7:00!! What a wonderful blessing it has been for us to be able to sleep through the night too!

All of these accomplishments have been made before your second month birthday.

Garrison, your daddy and I love you more than we can possibly express. You are light - you are joy - you are love.

Happy birthday, son.



  1. Jeez, lady (I began typing your name then remembered and hit "delete") - you're making me tear up. Again! You have such a way with words. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just popping over to see how you guys are doing. So glad to hear that he's doing great at 2 months! Eva's 2.5 months now, we're also amazed by how much she changes every day. Can't wait to see more of his recent pix!