Thursday, September 17, 2009


We spent the better part of the afternoon the other weekend moving around our furniture in our room while the little guy napped. Of course, this is all part of The Great Master Bedroom Redo of '09.

Neither one of us wanted to move things around multiple times, so we took advantage of the Pottery Barn Room Designer Tool to help us map out the current furniture in our space. Since the pre-measured furniture they have in the tool was a bit different from ours, I used my trusty scale rule to measure out furniture that was the correct size.

So here is what we came up with:

If you go back to the original post, you can see that we basically just moved the bed and side tables 90 degrees to the left. The bed is blocking two windows now, but there is no choice, you either are off center and block one window, or you are centered and block two.

This has really opened up the room believe it or not. When you are in bed the room seems to go on forever and when you look at it from the entrydoor, the same effect takes place.
Our next task is to tape and paint...we are painting the trim a light vanilla color and the walls a light cream. We already know what the colors will look like because they are the exact colors that my Mother-in-Law has in her living room. Hopefully that will really help lighten up the space.


  1. omg - it has been too long - we need to hang out! :) i haven't even met the little cutie yet!! hope you're well - let's figure something out soon. love, jenn

  2. That looks great! I can see what you mean about the rearrangement of the bed- it really does seem to open up the whole room.