Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Four months old

Little G turned 4 months old this past Sunday and my what a whirlwind it has been! You may have noticed there was no post for his 3 month birthday...and now...looking back, I can barely remember the time between two months and three months. I guess that's why we're supposed to be writing this stuff down, huh.

Let's see...in the past two months, you have gained four lbs...going from 14 something to 18.5. You have outgrown everything that you ever received as a gift except for the stuff from Miss. Christina since she got you stuff for all the way up to your 1st birthday.

You've gone from this:

To this:

You traveled to Pennsylvania on a plane and met your Zayde and cousin W for the first time.

You giggled for the first time and gave us many more consistent smiles.

You went through a non-napping phase that almost killed your mother.

You attended and graduated from the second of three classes in our new mommy/baby series.

You lost most of your hair in the 'Cradle Cap Eradication Day '09' event.

You took your first long car trip to Saratoga Springs, NY and proved that even the car can't make you nap.

You celebrated your first Halloween as the cutest pea-in-a-pod ever.

And you have gone from 5+ oz of formula 6 times a day to 8+ oz of formula 4 times a day.

Physically, you are able to blow raspberries if you really, REALLY try...although they are quite messy and may or may not include a ton of drool.

You drool...a lot.

You can hold your head up at a 45 degree angle if not more when on your belly doing tummy time...and speaking of tummy time...you will at least tolerate it now for up to 5 minutes.

You reach out and grab the things you want to grab and as soon as you get what ever it is in your hands you put it directly in your mouth.

You gurgle. You squeal.

Especially when the Yankees won the World Series!! (oh wait...that was your dad...)

You have a blood curdling scream that you aren't afraid to use.
You are so much more a little boy and so much less a baby even in just these two months.

Your dad and I love you very, very much and are so proud of all of your accomplishments.



  1. He's beautiful M! It's a little heartbreaking to see that baby to boy transformation though, isn't it?

  2. Adorable! I love the pea-in-a-pod pictures!

  3. He is such a cutie... and that wild hair cracks me up!

  4. What a cutie! And I love that Halloween costume.