Tuesday, March 02, 2010

5 Things

I have been participating in the Formspringme trend where people ask you questions and you get to tell them all about yourself while unapologetically basking in one's megalomaniacal tendencies.

I figured I would share a recent question and answer of mine with this here bloggity-blog audience:

What are 5 things you can't live without? by blissfulmusings

I'm going to look past the obvious here...food, water, shelter, Little G, my family, etc...and go purely inane here:

1) my iPhone. It is everything to me. It is my companion when I am lonely. It is my instant gratification when I have a question. It helps me cook, keep track of my calories, find places and people, keep in touch with friends, keep track of my calender. Heck, I can even deposit checks into my checking account with it. Without it, my life would be very. very. sad.

2) DHC skin care products. I am the first to confess that I am HORRIBLE to my skin...and the only times I am ever nice to it is when I use my DHC skin care mild soap, toner and moisturizing creme. I can only imagine how amazing my skin would be if I actually used it daily. Sigh.

3) Floss. Specifically, Reach Gentle Gum Care. It is the kind that looks like a fuzzy piece of yarn until you pull it taught and it gets all thin and floss-like. I never used to floss...ever...and I hated the dentist and didn't go for 7 years in a row. And finally a coworker made an appointment for me at the dentist in our complex and so I went. And I had 5 cavities that were so deep I almost needed root canals. And it took more than 7 visits to get it all cleared up. And somewhere in there, I decided that I was going to floss every day until my next appt in 6 months and see if they really noticed. I was convinced it was all a hoax. Except that I DID floss every day for 6 months and at my next appointment my dentists said the following words, "periodontally speaking, your teeth are stunning!" I've been hooked ever since. -- I should also note that about a year ago I noticed that you couldn't find that type of floss in the stores anymore. Turns out they don't make it. So I went online and bought out a couple of online retailers of the stuff. And now I have a 10 year supply. No joke. 10 years. And I am starting to panic that I should have bought more.

4)I'm going to go out on a limb here and say a bible. Even though I couldn't tell you where mine is currently. And even though I have never even come close to reading the whole thing. If I had to live without one forever, I would be incredibly sad and perhaps panicky in those times when I really needed it...like when I inevitably run out of my floss.

5)I am going to have to leave this slot open so that I can fill and empty it at whim. I don't want to commit this slot to something and then regret it later, so truly, it must remain open. Because one never knows if the book "Operating Instructions; A journal of my Son's First Year" by Anne Lamott or a really sharp chef's knife or my lovely Volvo XC60 or the kind of Blistex that comes in the teal green tube is going stay relatively close to the top of my 'things I can't live without list'. Who knows if something better and shinier might come along. So perhaps as a filler I would say my indecisiveness...nope can't live without that. Or can I?

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  1. Yay this was my question! I am super nerdy I got excited when you chose mine? Probably. :)