Wednesday, March 24, 2010

8 Months

Well I am totally late on writing this post, but might as well get it up there for the history books.
A few weeks ago, Little G turned 8 months old and all of the sudden we realized that you were no longer an infant. You aren't really a toddler yet since you don't even go from sitting to laying down and back again, but we can't really call you an infant anymore because you clearly let us know how you are feeling whether it be super-duper happy or totally pissed off. Guess that means you're a baby.

The biggest accomplishment you have mastered this month is rolling over from your back to your front. While your first roll from your front to your back was back on Thanksgiving Day, you rolled over from your back to your front for the first time when you were 7 months and 2 days old! Apparently rolling over isn't a milestone, but none-the-less, we were pretty excited for you. Now you're a rolling machine!! We find you in your crib on your belly and completely flipped around with your head where your toes were when we set you down...and you are very adept at seeing something across your play mat and rolling all the way over to get to it.

We also started swim lessons this month. At first you were very unfocused and lost all personality in the pool...but now you will kick and splash your arms and squeal with delight...all before even getting in the pool! Below is a picture from that very first were a little nervous but now your a bonefide swim master!

Not long before your 8th month birthday, Mommy headed out of town on a trip to go see some friends and she was away for four nights in a row! It was the first time she was away from you overnight and it was really hard for her because she missed you terribly.

You and daddy had an awesome time while mommy was away, though. You went to a play date with some of mommy's friends and you even visited a train museum with daddy.

You are continuing to grow and grow and grow and you no longer like us to feed you mush; instead you prefer to eat what is on our plates. Your pincer grasp is almost fully realized but sometimes you prefer to just shove your food in your mouth with your fist. This month you have enjoyed eating golden beets, Happy Baby puffs, shredded cheddar cheese, ham, pork chops, steak, egg yolks, whole wheat mini bagels, full carrots, peas and black beans just to name a few.
We love you so much, Little G.
Mommy and Daddy

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