Thursday, June 24, 2010


My mother-in-law is visiting this week. I love her.

She says things like, "Now you won't get upset if I open the shades and clean the windows, will you?". a word...'no'. In fact, here is the vinegar and some newspaper and do you want me to watch Little G while you do that instead of you watching him while I get work done stalk blogs?

Anyway, with her here and my son safely out of my responsibility and my windows sparkly and clean, I have decided to blow off the list of things I want to blog about and go take a nap. In the sanctuary of my air conditioned bedroom.

Please don't be too pissy at appease the masses...I offer up this cuter than cute picture of my son.

So much for my son being safely out of my responsibility.

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  1. I painted my kitchen while my mother was over yesterday - during a conference call and my hour lunch break. Good help is priceless.