Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eleven Months

Dear Little G,

As previously noted in your 10 Month letter, you are quickly escaping baby-hood and entering toddlerville.

The month started off with a visit to Cousin C in Rochester, NY. She may look like she's a crawler in the picture below, but her main mode of tranport is scooting and we think you must have taken notes since that's your favorite method of getting around these days too.

That trip was the very last time you used your pacifier. The pediatrician had told us at our past two appointments to make sure we weaned you off the pacifier which you had only been using to go to sleep at night and for naps.

Sadly, we made the attempts to do this right in the middle of the teething fiasco of '10 and you compensated by discovering your thumbs.

Also in the middle of the teething fiasco of '10 was your first trip to the zoo where you got up close and personal with one of the Gorillas.

But no one, no ape, no animal can compare to your love to Indy, the neighbor's dog. In fact, we are convinced that you figured out how to scoot because of your constant desire to be at our neighbor's house playing with Indy.

The pool, also at the neigbors house, is not as enticing as it was way too cold for your country club taste.

No worries...the neighbors also have a super fun chair that is just your size for lazing about by the pool.
Other fun discoveries of the month include when we all realized as a family that perhaps it was best for us to feed you your cous cous instead of letting you just go at it.

The thing is, Little G, this month, once those teeth FINALLY came in, felt pretty uneventful and it flew by. I'm in a little bit of denial that the next milestone is one year, so I have been putting off writing about turning 11 months in hopes that your birthday would just take longer to get here.

But that isn't happening...and time is flying by...and you keep growing and growing.

And now there is no denying that you scoot all over the place. We've had to install our safety aresenal. And you're trying to pull up on things, but there isn't much at our house to pull up on and you weigh a lot for those spindly little legs to support. You wave goodbye to people with your whole arm and you get your very own kids meal when we eat out instead of just eating a side of veggies or a chicken breast.

So yeah, I guess things have changed and maybe I'm just in denial because it seems like it was just a heartbeat ago that you were still waiting in my belly to make your appearance.

Enjoy this last month of your first year on earth, Little G. Something tells me things are really going to start to happen quickly and when they do, you will be taking off and it will be easy to forget all about this eventful time in your life.

We love you so much, Little G. More than I ever though even possible. Even when we are all at our wits ends because of the epic awfulness of teething, we love you so much it hurts.

Mom and Dad

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