Friday, June 18, 2010

Ma'am...put down the off-set spatula and step AWAY from the cupcakes!

There's A LOT happening on my plate right now. Who ever knew being a SAHM was so busy?

It all started when I realized that not only was Little G going to be a year old soon, but so were his buddies from his Great Beginnings class at Isis. We haven't all gotten together since the class was over, so I thought it would be really great for us all to get together and celebrate their birthdays at our house tomorrow.

Of course, that was before the great freezer defrosting incident of '10 (more on that someday, I am still in therapy over it) when we had copious amounts of grilling meat available for quick retrieval which meant I wouldn't even have to go anywhere near a grocery store. I also totally forgot to realize that while our son will eat anything we put in front of him, not every child is at that stage, so I need to make sure to provide something...I'm making meatballs. Plus you can't have a birthday party without decorations (I am totally getting on that right after I post this) and cake...don't even TRY to take that responsibility off my's the one fun one.

Anyway...also on my mind is anticipating that my mother-in-law is coming to visit for a week which I am so incredibly excited about I can barely stand really...I love my MIL...she's funny, and lovely, and helpful and great conversation and accepting and just all around awesome. But she doesn't get here until after the party. Bummer. I could actually use her babysitting expertise right about now.

In the middle of all this, I signed up last minute to take friends to the airport today which will be followed by a super-crazy-go-nuts-important appointment to go to with Little G that will require me being able to take notes.

Not to mention I finally got a chance to hang out with a new friend yesterday that I have been stalking because I kind-of have a mom crush on it was out of the question to even think about not never even dawned on me that perhaps I had more pressing things to be getting done and quite honestly I would have given up all of my to-dos just to get to chat with her and meet her boys.

Oh yeah, and have I mentioned that our house is a pig sty and we haven't baby proofed anything yet because Little G doesn't actually move yet?

So how was it that last night at quarter to ten, instead of attending to ANY of the above things that desperately need to get done before noon on Saturday, I was instead making 6 dozen cookies and packaging them up for a bake sale?


I have always heard of moms who go over and above and end up saying 'yes' to everything and then end up going over the deep end, but I never figured I would BE one of them. And the worst thing is that no one forced me to do any of this.

I made the cookies because I felt bad that I couldn't help with my church's yard sale on Saturday because I will be hosting a birthday party.


You read that right.

I made cookies because I felt guilty. No one made me feel guilty. No one even came close to making me feel guilty. I did it all on my own.

Even worse, I packaged them all pretty and made labels for them...BECAUSE I AM CERTIFIABLE!!

The good news here is that I recognize that I have a problem and I am going to work on not over extending myself in the future. But truthfully, there isn't one activity on my to do list that I don't want to do .

Cookies - FUN!
Labels - I LOVE labels even MORE than cookies!!
Hosting a party - One of my FAVORITE past times!
Helping friends get to the airport - Would never even consider NOT doing it!
Hanging out with a new friend - 100% awesome

I'm kind-of like a kid in the 'candy store' of fun activities at camp over here...or like a retiree on a cruise ship; signing up for every fun adventure from shuffle board to pool aerobics with Billy-the-short-shorts-wearing-cruise-director and then forcing myself to stay up for the midnight buffet.

So yeah...I guess the lesson here is for me to learn to cut back on the activites, no matter how fun they are.

I promise I'll get right to that...right after I frost some chocolate-free, organic cupcakes.

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  1. If those chic cookie labels are wrong, I don't want to be right. Great job!