Wednesday, August 04, 2010

MY Jersey Shore

Apparently there is a show out these days called Jersey Shore. I have never watched it, but I have certainly heard enough to be deeply saddened that the image people have of my Jersey Shore - the place where I grew up, the place so deeply ingrained in my bones that it calls to me every season of the year, the place where you bike down the street to get ice cream, the place where you wait out storms on the deck of the beach club, the place where you wait paitently for your dad to come join you after work and toss you around in the pool, the place where you made summer friends - is based on what those buffons have made it out to be.

To me, the Jersey Shore is playing in the sand at the water's edge:

Vista's as far as the eye can see:

Being covered head to toe in sun protective garments and sun screen:

Uncles burying you in the sand:

Setting up your place at the beach early in the day so you can go back to it after lunch:

Jerry-rigging the rental property's cushions to fashion a high chair:

Falling asleep, exhausted, on the couch:

Strolling down the beach in the morning:

Holding hands when the big waves come:

Digging a hole to China...or at least watching while your mom does the work:

Sitting at water's edge as the tide rolls in:

Clambering into a hole:

Excavating with cousins:

Boogie boarding:

Getting ice cream from the truck:

Gaining the confidence to go at it alone:

Sitting on the sandbar:

Playing in the waves:

Getting dressed and heading back to the beach after dinner... take a few last pictures and record another summer of growth...

...and look out at the water one last time...

...before heading home.

For one week a year, they are no longer cousins, but best friends at the beach.

Not sure about you...but no show could ever take that away from me.


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  3. beautiful pictures...