Thursday, August 12, 2010

Smarty Pants

Lately, Little G has really been surprising us with his intelligence and I wanted to write some of it down here so I don't forget it.

He has some molars coming in so he has been a touch 'mouthy' lately. That means, that at any given moment, he might lunge forward toward your leg and try and put his mouth on you in an attempt to bite you. We do our best to redirect him, but if our hands are full, the best thing we can do is to just move out of his reach. Today, he decided it would be lots of fun to try to gnaw on our new leather storage ottomans.

Now, I realize I am the dumb ass for having new leather storage ottomans and a 13 month old...but I figure with some consistent reminders, we will eventually convince him not to chew on them (seriously...I totally though the cat was going to be the issue with these ottomans and never even dreamed it would be my son we would have to thwart with the spray bottle. Kidding people. I'm kidding.) Anyway, I redirected him away from the ottoman and gave him some good toys to chew on and stood in front of the ottoman so he wouldn't go back to it (I would have moved the ottoman but it is in front of where some necessary items are plugged into the wall). He immediately tried to get to the ottomans and realized that he had to go through me to get there so he lunged towards my leg with his mouth open and I, as usual, moved quickly to get out of his way, and thus he had perfect access to eat the ottoman.

Genius...never mind the fact that he's trying to eat the furniture. He's still a genius.

The other fun thing to watch today was when he realized we had put all of his wooden blocks back in the cart.

He likes to put the wooden blocks in the dump truck. So he scootched over to the cart and grabbed a block and scootched over to the dump truck to put the block in. But then he realized that there were balls in the dump truck! Heavens no!! So he put down the block, took the balls out of the dump truck and put the block in the dump truck.

As I write all of this out, I realize that it could seem really basic and not very note worthy to any of you who aren't parents yet. But to me these developments are so exciting to watch. Even if he is trying to take a chomp out of my leg. Witnessing your child transition from a baby to a thinking toddler is really quite inspiring. I'm hoping the transition from thinking toddler to brilliant scientist includes learning how to not eat the lab equipment.


  1. I'm sorry.... I started laughing too hard to read anymore after the image of the spray bottle. It's what Dr. Evil used to thwart Mini Me, not to mention makes your sister feel better for using a command for the dog on your son, "Leave it!"

  2. Your poor, endangered ottoman! All kidding aside, it must be so rewarding to see him growing each day, and learning new things. Even if they are new things that involve biting you or your furniture!