Thursday, September 02, 2010


Dear World,

I have now spent over five hours of my life trying to get my calendar on my iPhone to synch with Outlook 2007 and I can't. It's impossible and I'm frustrated and want to throw my laptop (with it's new hardrive that is the cause of this nuisance) AND my iPhone out the window.

Thus...from now on, I am no longer responsible for remembering ANYONE's birthday or anniversary or any other important information like when you may or may not be visiting us or getting married.


You'll find me in the kitchen getting lunch.




  2. You'd better duck. Hours of research will tell you how F&%$#$%$#ING impossible it is to get ANY calendar files off of the iPhone...the issue seems to be calendar items that are repetitive...such as all birthday and anniversary items are want to be.

    I even tried synching my iPhone to Google and then Google to Outlook and it won't work.


  3. Boo to Mac vs. PC...why can't they all get along?!

  4. Sadly, I'm with Kathryn on this one. Syncs beautifully to both my ipod and my bb!

  5. It's ok, clearly _I_ don't remember my wedding date so why should you?

  6. Can I join you in the $%^#$#$&%^&$??? my iphone doesn't sync my contacts and calendar. So all the new stuff... is deleted everytime.

    <------ kill me now!
    I feel your pain, and the lack of info on the webs about these issues.

  7. So I'm sitting here like "Why doesn't she just sync it to her iCal?" PC. My bad, or yours. Oh snap!

  8. Ouch, Brenna....ouch.

    Turns out the issue stems from me being technologically up-to-date in an earlier life...i.e. before I owned an iPhone, I had a Treo...and before that, I had a Palm; before that, a Handspring; before that, a pager and before that some rocks and a drum.

    Somewhere in there I entered in all of my calendar dates and they got transferred each and every time to the newest platform and so when I synched my iPhone and it erased everything (because I forgot to tell iTunes not to do that) it erased everything BUT all of the stuff that was added pre-2002...THAT stuff is on my iPhone and won't go away. No option to edit or anything.

    So, I have decided to get an iPhone 4.

    It's very logical, I know.