Tuesday, September 07, 2010

We're crawling

And pulling up on things.

And I may never have time to write a full post again.

See you when I can...

In the meantime, I post over at Musings, the blog for FLOR every Monday afternoon and Thursday morning.


  1. CRAWLING!??! No more signature scootching!? Awwww. Watch out world, here comes Lil' G (the baby formerly known as Scooter)!

  2. No worries KWes...there's plenty of scootching still going on. Because while crawling may be faster, you can't bring what is in your hands if you crawl...but you can if you scootch.

    My guess is he scootches until college since walking won't be necessary.

  3. But yay for pulling up!!! He must feel such a sense of accomplishment.