Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Amazing day.

Today was an amazing day.

It's late and I should go to bed, but I just want to hold on to today for a little bit longer.

Little G and I have a habit of going to the Boston Children's Museum on Wednesdays. Usually, we hang out in the toddler area. There is a fun car to sit in with buttons that play music and a steering wheel...oh what I would do to have a steering wheel installed on one of our walls. I'm sure it would entertain Little G for months...and a huge train table that you can crawl into and under and a tree house to climb around.

Anyway, we haven't been to the museum since the week prior to it's been three weeks since we were there. Little did I realize how much three weeks (one of which spent playing with his almost-6-year-old cousin, W) would make a difference in the amount of fun Little G would have at the museum.

Little G walked. EVERYWHERE.


And when he fell down, he would crawl over to a bench, or a bar, or me (last choice...he's still an independent little sucker) to get back up (we're still working on the getting up from the floor without pulling up on something bit). And when you walk everywhere at the Children's Museum...there is so much to see!!

We walked into a music and movement class...played with a parachute...walked down the hall...found some exhibits to ourselves lunch...walked on and off the elevator...pressed the buttons (side note: why is it 2010 and the bottom [and thus, easiest] button to press on the elevator is the call for help button? I know the world can't cater to toddlers...but you would think at the Children's Museum they would be sick and tired of the call button getting continually pressed)...climbed stairs...went down slides...discovered new areas...walked on a floor that lit up...found a huge basket ball...washed our own hands at the kid-sized-sink...played with play-dough...trains...other kids... was amazing.

And then I took a very tired little boy through the financial district, down into the subway, onto a bus and back home to his crib where he napped for three hours.

Yup. An amazing day.

What an amazing kid.


  1. We had a day there in October and it was equally fantastic. Is Arthur still there? Looks like you guys really painted it red.

  2. Aww - what a great day! He's getting so big!

  3. Aw, I love this! I was over by the Children's Museum today too (Christmas party at the courthouse where I used to work). Wish I could have joined in the fun!!

  4. Wow. A whole new world seen through brand new eyes for both of you! What a lovely thought.

  5. I so look forward to this day. It sounds glorious!

  6. Little G is going to remember these amazing days, too. My husband lived in Boston when he was a toddler, and 25 years later he still remembers the awesome children's museum - it's the only memory he has of Boston, actually, because his mom took him there once a week - like you. :-)