Friday, December 03, 2010

I've Been Everywhere, Man!'s been a while, eh?

As with every blogging lag, there's been a LOT of action here in our little household.

So, we had a baby...

Oh wait...maybe it hasn't been THAT long.

Well, that baby started walking...I know THAT's news!! As you know, Little G scooted on his bum for the longest time. He didn't crawl until one day at the end of August in the Children's Museum. We were hanging out with a friend who was born a couple of days after him and SHE was taking her first STEPS there and her mommy was so proud of her and I was excited for them too and then to show his excitement Little G crawled over to us! Which was awesome...because the plateau in development from sitting-up-from-a-lying-down-position way back in July all the way to the end of August when he took those first crawling motions was loooooooooong and though I KNEW not to get worried...I still got to a point where I was wondering at what point I was SUPPOSED to worry.

Anyway, over the next three weeks, Little G figured out how to crawl REALLY well, how to pull up on things, how to cruise, how to climb up our stairs and how to let go from a cruising position and just stand there. As the pediatrician put it, he did three months of development in three weeks. Which isn't surprising...this is a kid who did days worth of labor in 5 hours once we reminded him it was time to come out. And this is also the kid who teethed his four top teeth all at the same time and then turned around and teethed all four first year molars and two bottom teeth all at the same time. Apparently it is in his nature to be all or nothing!

So let's see...where were we? Crawling...and pulling up...and cruising. At his 15 month pediatrician appointment, the nurse practitioner asked us to let her know if he was walking or not in five weeks.

Two and a half weeks later on Halloween night at a party, Little G took his very first steps. (Note - the picture below is of us at Halloween...we were various Lawn Ornaments...but what you need to notice is in the bottom right of the picture is a coffee table...during the party, Little G was standing at that table, turned, looked at me and walked right over to me. Granted...I was only three little steps away from him...but was. awesome. Also, I'm fascinated that the perspective of this picture makes Little G truly look the size of a garden gnome. I promise you that no children were exploited or shrunken in the making of this Halloween Ensemble Costume)

The week after Halloween, Little G was in our kitchen and just let go of the cabinet and took some steps towards me. And then the next week, he was really letting go of things and walking places.

Fast forward to our trip to PA to visit my family for Thanksgiving and he was toddling all over the house traipsing along trying to keep up with my 6 year old nephew, two large dogs and a bunch of kitties.

So that's what's been going on around here.

My business has picked up too. If you've been over to my business blog for LimoncelloSTYLE than you've seen that I became a licensed dealer for Envelopments. This means that I no longer have to waste time sourcing paper because they HAVE almost everything I need in the level of quality that I strive to provide for my clients. However, this has meant I have been busy, busy, busy!! Plus, I'll be honest, writing my posts for FLOR sometimes takes everything out of me. I totally love doing it...but I definitely earn my keep there.

Alright...speaking of...I need to go write a couple of things for them before the day is over so I guess I'll go head over there.

Thanks for stopping in even though I been a blog stranger for almost a month!! Hope you all are doing well.

Coasting anon

PS - here are some more pics of our Cutey-McCute garden gnome from Halloween. Enjoy!!

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