Friday, April 08, 2011

Been a while, huh?

The last thing you need from me is a list of reasons why and apologies for my not keeping up with the ol' bloggity blog of late...but a list is what you're gonna get. Actually, not a list...just an excuse.

Namely, I'm busy. Which is great! It's great to be busy...especially since a LOT of that busy has to do with my business. Not sure how many of you know this since I keep this blog separate from my business blog...but I own a very small, but successful invitation design company, LimoncelloSTYLE. This is prime invitation season what with all of the Summer and Fall weddings, so I've been a bit buried. Add on top of that that some pre-pubescent boy (or girl) who has no idea how miserable they've made my life decided to hack my website and I'm downright swamped.

One of the very biggest downsides to owning a business is wearing all of the hats. I am no computer genius but I needed a website, so I made one using a Wordpress theme. It worked great but I lived in fear that if I updated my Wordpress, than I would somehow erase all of my hard work on my website. So I rarely updated. And then I got hacked. Lesson learned.

Sadly, though the site is back up, I actually still can't access anything because I did something to my php editor yadda yadda do daddy. Yeah...It's all foreign, mumbo-jumbo-jargon to me.

So that's a couple things on my plate and thus my number one reason for being absentee.

And now that I've truly bored you to tears I'm going to leave you again...because apparently I'm doing all I can to lose my 10 followers.

I do promise more exciting things to come...but really...who are we kidding here? I'm a mom living the day to day tedium of just trying to make it to the weekend. Not much exciting there for anyone, really.


  1. I don't think I've ever commented - but I've been reading for a while since I found you on weddingbee. My wordpress blog got hacked recently too - because I didn't update as much either! So I know how you feel and hope you get things straightened out soon. I actually abandoned wordpress and went back to blogger since my blog was just personal and I didn't have time or desire to do the work to keep up with it like I now know that you need to. Good luck with your business and everything else!

  2. There's a vulnerability in Wordpress that I only know about because the folks who built my work blog told us about it, we have a double log-in now to patch the hole. Good luck, see if there's anything you can google about what the vulnerability is and maybe how to plug it up.