Friday, April 15, 2011

Summer baby

Little G was born on 07-08-09. The summer seemed so short that year as we blazed into fall before he was even two months old. Pretty soon after that I spent the month of December in PA with my mom and sister as we prepared for, experienced, and mourned the death of my father.

The coldest months of the year, January through March, went by very quickly. Little G went from being a floor baby to sitting up and entertaining himself for what now seems like hours on end. Add in three naps a day, and I can't imagine what I ever thought was difficult about raising a child that age.

This year, the coldest months have been very different. Little G figured out how to walk in December and has been itching to get outside ever since. But we live in New England and it is cold here. And not just cold, but cold and wet and miserable. Never before in my entire life have I ever truly been exhausted by winter. But with a spirited, into-everything, bored toddler, who doesn't express himself well in any other way than tantrums, being house bound for even just a few hours a day has been miserable.

I am starting to think, and I know that this is silly and a grand over-generalization, but I am starting to think that perhaps raising children in warmer states is somehow easier. Fussy toddler? Go for a walk outside...not here in New England. Perhaps the key is having a winter baby. Then, when you hit 18 months (did you know that it is fairly common for kids to be at their worst in the 1/2 years...18 months, 2.5, 3.5, etc.?) it would be summer and the options for entertainment for both kid and parent would be better.

I know quite a few people who are pregnant with their first babies right now, and many of them are dreading that first winter. Concerns range from 'being stuck inside' to keeping their kids warm. But I can tell you that the first year isn't going to be the problem. But what I would say to them is that they're worried over nothing. The first year is cake compared to the next year. Of course, that just scares me into thinking about what the parents of the three year olds would have to say to me right about now.


  1. Interesting thought. Around here, I see kids outside year's just that in the winter, they are bundled up so much that they look like little puffy marshmallow men. I could imagine that all of that bundling would be very time consuming though, and you're right--when weather gets below, say... 0 degrees.. I don't see a lot of kids outside playing anymore. Given that the temps stay that cold for a few months sometimes, parents must go nuts! It's just too cold for even the warmest kids' outfit. At least it's spring now! (Though, it is snowing here at the moment..)

  2. I am a planner. With a late August/early September baby coming my way -- I think he it is going to be very hard here in Boston/New England for me during those winter months. I still have not decided on whether I will go back to work or not, but one thing that is tipping me towards going back is that I am afraid to be "stuck" inside, like you say during the winter months. He'll be 4-7 months during the winter, still pretty small - oh the germs, ugh.

  3. What I hate the most about Winter with a Baby/Toddler is not the weather but being sick ALL THE TIME! My son (2) has had a running nose and is coughing since September, fever, tummy bug, you name it. I am SO SICK of winter and already afraid of the next one...

  4. Nodak - I have every intention of going out with Little G next winter...this winter was harder because he was a new walker and couldn't handle the snow and ice so I ended up carrying him everywhere. We had activities for every day, but we weren't able to just 'go outside' and play at all

    Moments - I really think you'll be fine this first winter. With all of the feeding, napping and floor playing - you wouldn't be doing much outside anyway. I mean...YOU might be...but you kid wouldn't miss it.

    Catarina - I SO hear you on that! With daycare I feel like Little G was sick more days than not. And the dry skin....ugh!

  5. "The first year is cake compared to the next year." I was already laughing a little before I even read the last sentence in your post. It's a pretty well known fact amongst those of us with older children that age 3 is WAY worse than age 2!!! But, then they hit 4 and life gets pretty good...for awhile. There's always a challenge in parenthood, regardless of age. It's just part of the job. And, once you have more than one child and mix in the challenges of both age groups, you're in for a real treat! :)