Thursday, June 09, 2011

Aaaaaahhhh...THAT was relaxing!!

Well, I'm back. What, you say? You never knew I was gone?

Yeah...I sort-of didn't mention it because I have a fear of someone ransacking my home in my absence...although it would have been fruitless since Grammy was here with Little G and they're both scrappy.

So where did we go?

My husband and I headed to Portugal for five days. It was our first vacation without Little G. I've been away without him. My husband has been away without him. But we had never left him without one of us, so it was a bit scary.

As previously mentioned, Grammy came to take care of Little G and he had an absolute blast so we needn't have worried.

The trip was amazing and beautiful and lovely and relaxing and soooooooooo needed. With another one on the way, who knows when we'll get a chance to go away together on our own again.

Below are some pics from our trip...with a slide show (with captions) at the end should you so choose...the slide show is little, but if you just click on it you'll end up on the actual Picasaweb site.

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  1. OMG I simply LOVED LOVED Spain. Sigh....want to go back! so glad you both enjoyed your trip!!!