Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Party People

The other day I was driving somewhere and heard the beginning of J Lo's newest song, On The Floor. The beginning starts out with her singing:

"It's a new generation
Of party people"

As I sat there, it dawned on me just how old I am.

I'm so old that the FIRST time J Lo had a hit, I was a party person.

Her hit was "If You Had My Love" and they used to play the video on the giant TVs behind the PI dancers on the street stage at Pleasure Island at Disney just before the midnight show.

I spent a lot of time at Pleasure Island in the summer of 1999. Cast members got in free on Thursdays, which was coincidentally the day we all got paid, and pretty much every one I knew was there.

(Can we pause for a moment to discuss how skinny I was? Also, I had a pager. With an 800 number. Because I needed to make sure it was easy to reach me and cell phones with batteries that lasted more than an hour hadn't been invented yet)

Of course, now I'm about to turn 36. I'm married. I have an almost-two year old and another on the way. And I live in a single family home in a residential neighborhood in Boston with a cat.

But J Lo...she's no spring chicken either, and she's married with two kids.

So how come she's out preaching to the new generation of party people in the clubs and I'm just hoping I can stay up past 9?


  1. Because she has a lot of STAFF.

    Seriously. You think she does all that by herself? or puts her own kids to bed? Nah.

  2. Oh, you're still adorable. I think we had the same wardrober in '99 (and also the same pager. God my old boss HATED that thing.)

  3. SS - Ill advised tube tops, man jeans and pleather platform sandals? Do tell why we have not met yet?

  4. OMG your outfit. LMAO. You are rocking that tube top and baggy jeans!